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Williamson, Allen. Joan of Arc Online Archive. <> and <>. (23 March 2005).
A very comprehensive site with a multitude of links to various other sites dealing with not only the life of Joan, but also her writings and her time. I found this site to be a very good source on her life. This site also contains the transcripts of her first trial as well as her second trial. I found this site very informative and useful. Extensive historical web ring connecting sights on the net that attempt to flesh out the truth and legend of Joan of Arc.  [J.S.][F.S]

"International Joan of Arc Society." URL:  <> (23 March 2005).
This web site gave valuable information on Joan of Arc as well as useful places to look to find other information.  It was a collection taken from various people, professors, and scholars, focusing on various aspects of her life. [P.L.]

Wheeler, Bonnie and Charles T. Wood. "Joan of Arc: An Introductory Bibliography." The Online Reference Book for Medieva Studies. 1995-1998. <> (23 March 2005). 
This site, which is edited by Laura Blanchard and Carolyn Schriber, is an effort by scholars across the Internet for online sources for medieval studies. It provides an introduction to some of the basic works of Joan, by Wheeler and Wood, who are editors of Fresh Verdicts of Joan of Arc, in a response to an e-mail question they had received. This bibliography of suggested readings includes a printed bibliography by Nadia Margolis, as well as fourteen works dealing with Joan of Arc in history written by Pizan, Pernoud, and Michelet, just to name a few. It also offers dramatic interpretations of Joan like those of Shakespeare's Henry VI, Schiller's The Maid of Orleans, and Shaw's St. Joan. While this site does not provide any facts or information directly about Joan, it is effective in offering suggested readings to those who want to study Joan. [T.T.]

Bie, Soren. "" 27 March 2005. < > (5 April 2005). 
This site at first consists of a picture of Joan and a brief description of her role in the siege of Orleans and how she was burnt at the stake. It was created as a tribute to Joan, and clearly states that it is a place for students, writers, artists, and everybody interested in the history of Joan of Arc. Containing a link to the Joan site, it directs searchers to the actual site which contains an abundant amount of information. It provides links to twelve categories dealing with Joan. The first category provides a biography of Joan from the Catholic Encyclopedia. The second category is a very detailed chronology of Joan's life, and the next one describes the military leadership of Joan, concluding that she was successful because of her support and because of the morale she created. The next category consists of a timeline of the Hundred Years' War, followed by a letter that Joan had written to the King of England. The sixth one describes Joan's visions. The seventh category provides all the movies dealing with Joan from 1898 until 1999 from France, USA, Italy, and the USSR. A description of Joan's family can be found in the next category. The tenth category gives information about the trial of Joan, and the next one provides many quotes of Joan of Arc. The final category includes a series of maps that outline Joan's journeys. Overall this site is very thorough and valuable to anyone wanting to study Joan of Arc. [T.T.]

Maid of Heaven URL: <> (30 Oct 2007).
Based on an illustrated book about Joan, contains various resources. 

Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Joan of Arc URL: <> (23 March 2005).
This site has a very informative and straightforward approach to the main aspects in the life of Joan of Arc. I found this site useful in this research. This is from the Catholic encyclopedia and offered me a religious point of view of Joanís life. It was not only a historical account it also offered me the religious and catholic thoughts on the events that took place. This article was in the Catholic Encyclopedia. The information on this web site was less helpful because it was pretty similar to the information that I gained from the above article. Also, a problem in getting information from this article was how short it was. I did however use it to come up with a closing on her life.   Roman Catholic encyclopedia of Saints, provided crucial dates and major events in the life of Joan. [F.S][P.L.][F.W.][J.S.]

Bois, Danuta. "Joan of Arc." Distinguished Women of Past and Present. <> (23 March 2005).   
This site was created by Danuta Bois, who explains in one link that she has no formal background in Women's Studies. The site includes three links to biographies written by authors other than Bois. Two of these still exist, and each provides a short, objective account of the major events in Joan's life. Each link concludes with a bibliography. As a source of information for research on Joan, this site is above-average. [D.D.] 
This site contains only a short biography of the life of Joan of Arc. The page stresses only the main points of her life. I found this site useful for my research. This site was more of a narrative of her exploits on the battlefield and brief overview of her life and trial. The most useful information was the record of her capture and trial. I found this article to be the best one that I was able to come across. I used this article to research Joan and her life. Also, included in this article was how important Joan was to the people of that time including the world today. [F.W.][P.L.][F.S] 

Butler, Alban. St. Joan of Arc, Virgin." <> (23 March 2005)
Selection from Butler's classic Lives of Saints. [BA.P./M.G.] 

Domestic Church Communications. "Saint Joan of Arc"  Saint Profile. 1997-2002. < > [or <>.  click on "Saints" button in header, then on the Saint's Profile page go to Joan's feast day, May 30, to get a link] (23 March 2005).   
This link appears at the Domestic-Church.Com site, which is produced by Domestic Church Communications Ltd. The unidentified author presents a thorough account of Joan's life, accomplishments, and significance to French history, and directs the reader to links for other Catholic saints. The text portrays Joan as a genuine messenger from God, whose holy crusade was sabotaged through the ignorance of her contemporaries. This site is intended for readers who wish to examine Joan as a saint, rather than as a feminist or a military leader.  [D.D.]

Hodges, Miles H. "Joan of Arc"" The Spirtual Pilgrim. 2000 <> (23 March 2005). 
This is very good in giving quality information on Joan. It touches on many different aspects of Joanís life. There are also many links to others sites on Joan. this is a very good site to use to gain knowledge on Joan. [M.G.] 

"Joan of Arc: Child of War, Soldier of God,"  Faith and Values Media. <> (23 March 2005).
Website connected to the television dramatization/documentary first presented on the Hallmark Channel, March 21, 2005. Many respectable Joan of Arc scholars contributed to the commentary.  The site includes a discussion guide (with a brief chronolgy and a few links to resources), behind-the-scenes clips, trailer, and media kit.

"Joan of Arc: The Making of a Saint."  A and E. <> (23 March 2005).
Offers a brief biography referring further questions to the video produced by the Arts and Entertainment network.  The site also offers some vocabulary and discussion questions suitable for middle- and high-school students.

"Joan of Arc." Order of the Grail: Joan of Arc Commendary. 1997. < > (November 21, 2000). 
This site includes an article of the brief history of Joan of Arc. It is from the Joan of Arc Commendary, which is part of The Order of the Grail. It provides a moderately detailed biography of her life, discusses her trial and rehabilitation, and her canonization. The Order of the Grail is a traditional order of mystic chivalry that is affiliated with the International College of Esoteric Studies. The Joan of Arc Commendary is located in Los Angeles and holds convocation rituals with the purpose being the search for the divine soul. This commendary focuses on Joan as the patron of the order for her inspired example of Christian and chivalric virtues. This site provided a small amount of factual information about Joan but overall would not be successful for obtaining a sufficient amount of information for studying Joan. [T.T.]

Kiefer, James E.  "Joan of Arc, Visionary (30, May 1431)," James Kiefer's Christian Biographies. 1999 <>  or <>.  (23 March 2005).
This site comes from a religious perspective.  It is short with some general information that is accurate.  I found it as useful as looking up her name in the encyclopedia only with less information.  There are many holes left about her life but as a cursory source one could use this.  The one useful part was at the end of the site where there are two prayers and a list of three literary works one could research. [P.L.] This site give a brief summary of Joan and tells of literary works made about Joan. There are some prayers about Joan and others links to people associated with the literary works on Joan such as Shakespeare. [M.G.]  Kiefer gives no information on his credentials. His biography of Joan is short but complete, and includes, as a background to Joan's rise to power, an account of the controversy over the dauphin Charles' claim to the French throne. The biography also offers links to sites explaining the lives and accomplishments of the three saints Joan claimed had inspired her. Kiefer concludes his essay with a list of several literary works based on Joan's life. This site is the most useful as a resource for researching the contemporary events and mythological references that motivated Joan.  [D.D.]

Halsall, Paul, ed.  "Joan of Arc: Letter to the King of England." Medieval Sourcebook. 1996 <> (23 March 2005).
The authority in Joan of Arcís written tone is clear- and unique, as is the entire letter.  The document provides great insight on Joanís character. [S.D.]

Halsall, Paul, ed. "John Nider: on Joan of Arc." Medieval Sourcebook.1996 <> (23 March 2005).
This site contains only a book exert from Medieval studies and quotes Johann Nider speaking of Joan of Arc and other unnamed visionaries of the time period. Not of much use for this project. [F.S]

"200 Joan of Arc Links."  URL:  (23 March 2005).
This web site provides a list of two hundred Joan of Arc links ranging from biographies to works of art and literature.  A truly excellent tool for anyone working with Joan of Arc on-line. [S.D.]

"History on Trial: you Be the Judge! Joan of Arc." The History Channel.   <>  (23 March 2005).
A brief description of her trial, with a chance to vote yourself. [B.A.P.]

Kreis, Steven. "Joan of Arc." The History Guide. 2000. <> (23 March 2005).
This site is from the History Guide under the Lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History. Kreis, a history scholar, provides a well-detailed biography of Joan of Arc. It describes her life, her voices, her aims, the trial, and gives excerpts from the trial from Leparmentier and Massieu. It also provides links to other Internet resources on Joan of Arc like various biographies, the Joan of Arc center, and the Trial of Joan of Arc, just to name a few. This site is valuable and somewhat sufficient to those who want to learn more about Joan and find other sites related to her. [T.T.]  This site is an excerpt from the history guide, written by Steven Kreis.  It is written in lecture format.  It includes one picture and many different links.  This site is very informative for those trying to learn more about Joan of Arc. [K.W.]

PSI, "Joan of Arc"  The Catholic Community Forum. (n.d.) <>. (23 March 2005).
This site portrays Joan as a Catholic saint.  It is very organized, in outline form, and includes links to many different things, including dates and other people.  The is a paragraph about Joan's life but it is very broad.  This site also includes many pictures of Joan of Arc.  This site is recommended for scholars studying Joan of arc and even those studying the time period in which she lived. [K.W.]

Randall, Beth.  "Joan of Arc."  National Archives and Records Administration,  1996.   <>. (23 March 2005).
This was a very good web site to look at and get a cursory look at the life of Joan.  It was done by a graduate student from Drexel University who has their Masters degree.  The information is certainly valid but does not go into great detail.  One would find this site useful for some general information but should not consider this a complete source.   [P.L.]

"Joan of Arc: Virgin Warrior." A&E Television Networks, Classroom. <>.  (23 March 2005).
This site offers some classroom materials and questions. [P.L.]

"St. Joan of Arc." Catholic Online Saints. 1997-2000. <> (23 March 2005). 
This article on the web focuses on the sainthood of Joan of Arc. The brief biography it provides mentions her childhood, her voices, her military success, her capture, trial, and death. It states that she is the patroness of soldiers and France, and provides a picture of her. While this site provides a small amount of information about Joan of Arc, it does not supply any in-depth information about her life or her death. It is not recommended for someone who seriously wants to study Joan of Arc. [T.T.]

"A Short Biography of Saint Joan of Arc." Saint Joan of Arc Center. URL: <>.  (23 March 2005).
This article was helpful in getting a format as to where to begin in describing her life. I was able to know where to go from one paragraph to the next. Also, important was how this article broke up the information on Joan to a little more bigger extent then others that I used in my research. [F.W.]  Visit the Saint Joan of Arc Center for a brief introduction to Franceís patron Saint.  Biographical date is provided along with links. [S.D.]

Thurston, Herbert. "Saint Joan of Arc." New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Online. 1999. < > (23 March 2005). 
This article on the web is a detailed biography of Joan of Arc. It discusses Joan's family, her visions, her aims and successes, her trial and rehabilitation, and her canonization. Taking a Catholic perspective, especially of Joan's visions, Thruston mentions the view of such rationalistic historians like M. Anatole who explain the voices to be a result of the conditions of religious and hysterical exaltation that had been fostered in Joan by priestly influences and prophecies. Thruston discredits this and believes it is baseless. He also criticizes the ingratitude of Charles and his advisors in leaving Joan to her fate, and states that they were determined to take her life at all costs. Overall, this site is a rather detailed biography and gives a moderate amount of information about Joan. It is useful to anyone just getting started in studying Joan. [T.T.]

Musee Jeanne d'Arc. "The Story of Joan of Arc." Comite Regional de Tourism de Normandie. 2000. <> (23 March 2005). 
This is part of a website for promoting tourism of Normandy. This specifically describes the Musee Jeanne d'Arc at the old market of Rouen. This Joan of Arc museum is located thirty meters from the stake where Joan was burned and has been open for forty-five years. It is comprised of waxworks that offer gripping and realistic scenes that enable people to relive the main stages of Joan of Arc's life. Since this site is used to attract people to Normandy, it is useful to anyone who maybe be planning a trip there, but for anyone wanting to find valuable information on Joan it is poor. [T.T.]

Voltaire. Woolf, H. I, trans. "Joan Of Arc." Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary. 1995. <> (Last accessed 2 December 2000).  
This site was created by the Hanover College department of History. This site gives general information on Joan and a letter written by a monk named brother Martin. The home page has a lot to offer in the area of history. [M.G.] 

Breig, James.  "Tuned in to TV."  Joan of Arc Falls short.  <>.  Last accessed November 27, 2000.
This site reviews a television movie on the life of Joan of Arc.  It gives no factual information, only his opinion on how well the movie was.  He looks at what was done right and what was done wrong and where they could have made corrections.  It was a good review but contributes nothing in the way of research material. [P.L.]

Walkosz, Jerry. "Joan of Arc Biography." Star's Website. 1998. <>. See also:  Walkosz, Lisa. <> (Last accessed 13 December 2000).
This site gives very blunt information on Joan of Arc. No detail or specifications are given. If you want to learn just the basis of her life this site is very short and to the point. [M.G.] 

Dauser, DonnaKova. "Legends--Joan of Arc: National Saint, Universal Heroine." The Divining Nation. <>  (23 March 2005).  
This anonymous site provides a very detailed biography about the life of Joan of Arc from the point of view of a "metaphysician."  It includes references to astrology and ties it in with Joan of Arc.  This site also includes quotes from Joan and a picture of Joan.   [K.W.]

Dugan, Art. "St. Joan of Arc." <> (Dec. 9, 2000).
This site is a musical site.  It includes background music as you scroll through the site.  It is very creative and interesting.  It contains a brief biography about the life of Joan of Arc.  It is an average site for learning about Joan of Arc. [K.W.]

Morrissey, Thomas E. "Joan of Arc." France. 1997.  or <> (23 March 2005).
Written by Thomas E. Morrissey, an associate professor of history at State University College (N.Y.), this site was originally an entry in The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (1997). The site is easy-to-read and unbiased, but inadequate for an in-depth study of Joan.  [D.D.]

Rusche, Harry. "The Poster 'Joan of Arc' by Haskell Coffin." Lost Poets of the Great War.  10 April 1997. <> (23 March 2005).   This site, created by the English department at Emory University, gives a description of a poster published in the United States during World War Two. A graphic of this poster, which reads, "Joan of Arc Saved France--Women of America, Save Your Country, Buy War Savings Stamps" is included. The text explains that this poster was commissioned by the United States Treasury Department. This site may be of interest to individuals researching the historical use of Joan's image for social persuasion.  [D.D.]

Bertaux, Chantal, "Joan of Arc land." Grand: A Prestigious Gallo-Roman Sanctuary.
<>. (23 March 2005).
This site deals with important places having to do with Joan. It includes her birth home, the basilica, and baptismal church. Pictures are included. [M.G.] or <>.  Last accessed December 3, 2000.
Set up by a tourist agency, this site offers a few pictures of places associated with Joan's home region. [B.A.P./P.L.]

Russel, Christopher. (2000).  "The Creativity of Joan of Arc."  URL:  23 March 2005).
A well-written student paper which asks viewers to look at Joan of Arc not only for her originality, but also for her dynamic nature. A biography is included in addition to a listing of links. [S.D.]

Chupa, Anna Maria. <> (23 March 2005).
This site is very poor for learning about Joan.  Instead it is written about a statue in memory of Joan of Arc.  It does not include anything about Joan's life.  It does contain links to sites that would be more useful in learning about  Joan.  [K.W.]

Lindamar, "Joan of Arc." <> (23 March 2005).
   This site was composed by "Lindamar," whose link takes the reader to --the San Francisco State University home page. Other than his last name, no information is offered on the author. The page contains several categories of links that supposedly review "the perspectives of Joan of Arc based on her own testimony, the testimony of those who knew her, and the poets and artists her life inspired."  Only a few of these links work. [D.D.]

"History of the Hundred-Years War."  (dead?).
Published by the Joan of Arc Museum, this is an excellent history of the One Hundred Years War. It provides extensive background information for anyone researching Joan of Arcís life Orleans. French web site dedicated to Joan of Arc with an extensive biography of the maid, also tracks history of the Hundred years War, and the existing relics of St. Joan. [J.S.][S.D.]

Coat of Arms of Jeanne díArc URL: <> (dead?).
Though there is a short paragraph on the life of Joan, this site deals mainly with the banner Joan carried into battle and the granting of nobility on her family in appreciation of her actions by Charles VII. Not of much use for this research. [F.S]

Innes-Parker, Catherine. "Joan of Arc." Memorial University of Newfoundland: Medieval Studies and Women's Studies Programs. 1998. < > (dead?).
This site was created by Dr. Innes-Parker, a professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, to assist her classes with their studies. It provides useful links to other Joan websites. It provides links to sites related to Joan, ones that offer pictures, and also links to sites dealing with the Hundred Years' War. This site is somewhat useful, but it is not really effective because it does not provide any actual information about Joan of Arc. [T.T.]  This page is part of her Women's Studies course. The site contains a number of links that include medieval images, descriptions of the Hundred Years' War, excerpts from the Malleus Maleficarum, and several Joan biographies. These links confront the topic of Joan from many different angles, and the site in general is an excellent source of information for anyone who wants a multifaceted view of Joan.  [D.D.]

Annotated Links  and Book Reviews

Annotated Articles

Cunneen, S.  "She Who Feared Nothing: Joan of Arc."  Christian Century (24 May 2000): 611.
Cunneen has completed a thorough and articulate analysis of Mary Gordonís work "Joan of Arc." The review in addition to Gordonís text would be highly complimentary to any study on the Maid of Orleans. [S.D.]

Gordon, Mary. "Desperately Seeking Joan." Commonweal (10 March 2000): 11.
Gordon explores Joan of Arcís fascinating life in vivid detail, while explaining the canonization process of the Roman Catholic Church.   An extremely well written and resourceful piece on Joan! [S.D.]

Keller, J.E. "Three Orders, Three Women." Peace Review (June 1999): 251.
Keller analyzes the class and personality differences between Heloise, abbess of Paraclete, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Joan of Arc.  Well-composed and researched article with interesting insights. [S.D.]

"Joan of Arc."  Christian History (1991): 24.
Complied by the Editors, this biographical sketch of Joan of Arc offers readers with an easy to understand description of her life.  Although brief, the article touches the most significant aspects of the Saintís life. [S.D.]

Pernoud, Regine. Retrial of Joan of Arc. Translated by J.M. Cohen.
Traces the secular and ecclesiastical rehabilitation of Joan which was initiated in 1450 and completed in 1456. [J.S.]

Scott, W. S. Jeanne d' Arc
Complete biography of Joan, tracking from her birth to burning and her rehabilitation. It addresses the 100 Years War and the Treaty of Troyes as the impetus for Joan's actions, it traces her routes of travel and relics and references her friends and associates during her short life.  [J.S.]

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