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This site provides materials concerning historical women and issues concerning women throughout history.  For information on contributors, see below.  

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Annotated Bibliographies

Ancient West





Mary Magdalene


Medieval Europe

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Trotula of Salerno 

Elizabeth of Hungary

Birgitta of Sweden

Queen Margaret of Denmark

Christine de Pizan

Margaret of Anjou

Margery Kempe

Joan of Arc

Renaissance Europe
Caterina Sforza Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England Queen Isabel I of Spain
Anne Boleyn, Queen of England Queen "Bloody" Mary Tudor of England
Queen Elizabeth I of England
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Catherine de Medici, Queen of France Theresa of Avila
Early Modern Europe
Erzebet Bathory of Hungary
Marguerite of Navarre

Glückel of Hamelin
Queen Christina of Sweden Queen Anne of England Maria Theresa Habsburg,
Archduchess of Austria
Madame de Maintenon of FranceMadame de Pompadour of France Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
Marie-Louise Elisabeth Vige-Lebrun Tsar Elizabeth I of Russia Tsar Catherine II "the Great" of Russia
Mary Wollstonecraft of England Luise,
Queen of Prussia
Émilie du Châtelet
Jane Austen Queen Victoria Florence Nightingale Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Gaskell

Josephine Grey Butler

Harriet Taylor Mill

Hannah More

Clara Schumann

Georges Sand

Clara Zetkin

Marie Curie

European Topics
Women and Medicine in Early Modern Europe Women and Science in Early Modern Europe European Witch Hunts
Asian Women
Trung Trac and Nhi,
Vietnamese Heroines
Tzu Hsi,
Empress of China
Indira Gandhi,
Prime Minister of India
Aung San Suu Kyi,
Activist in Myanmar
Asian Topics
Purdah The Taliban in Afghanistan Concubinage

Some General Links

Top 12 Warrior Moms in History: a brief review of some women rulers.

Diotoma: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World

Distinguished Women of Past and Present: created by Danuta Bois.  Upon discovering some interesting women previously ignored by historians, Ms. Bois wrote these numerous useful biographies with links.  

National Women's History Project: created by an educational,non-profit organization.  Its goals is providing materials for learning about women and recognizing their accomplishments.

Women's Hall of Fame: created by the Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York. It provides some brief biographies of inductees, limited to Americans.

The Nation: Women's History Month: created by the magazine of progressive opinion.  It offers some articles from its archives going back to 1866 and links to feminist websites.  

Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches from Around the World: from 1848 to the present.

Other Women's Voices: Translations of Women's Writing Before 1700.  from Enhuedanna to Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orleans. 

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