The following is a simulation of a witch hunt. While this hunt, its victims, and perpetrators are fictional, it is based on actual hunts that took place during the early seventeenth century in the Holy Roman Empire.
As in real life, certain choices may significantly affect your characterís fate, while others will only slightly alter the outcome. Confessing to be a witch will speed up matters.  There can be several possible endings for your character, not all of them lethal.

Warning: because the witch hunts involved torture and cruelty, some pages may be unsuitable for younger or impressionable readers.

You participate in the hunt by reading the text on the following pages, written from the point of view of someone caught up in the hunts. You advance to the next page either by clicking on the "next" icon: , or your character advances by making a choice following an asterisk* *from several *red hyperlinks, or clicking on a red  picture.  You may exit the hunt by closing its window.  
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