King's College ROTC Program




Available to qualified students having a minimum of two academic years remaining to degree completion, and meeting criteria set forth in paragraphs (2) or (3) below. Applications for this program must be made prior to the end of the Spring Semester of the sophomore year for those not enrolled in previous Military Science instruction. This option is also available for accepted graduate students.

Students quality for advanced ROTC courses (2-year program) in three ways:

1. On Campus Courses

2. Summer Programs

3. Advanced Placement


Consists of all eight Military Science courses (commencing no later than the sophomore year). Enrollment in the first four courses of Military Science is accomplished in the same manner as any other college course and carries no military obligation.


All contracted students receive a monthly subsistence allowance. The freshman receive $300, sophomores $350, juniors $450 and seniors $500 per month. Freshmen and sophomore students may apply for scholarships. Freshmen can receive 3-year scholarships: sophomores, 2-year. Scholarships pay up to full tuition plus $1,200 a year for books. The ROTC program commission cadets as a second lieutenant in the Army. The starting salary is $48,000, which increases yearly to $80,000 within four years. Plus, full medical, dental, 30 days annual leave, and assignments at world-wide locations. Last year all students who requested scholarships and were medically qualified, with a 3.0 GPA or greater, were offered scholarships.