The Library offers instruction sessions that focus on the development of research and information skills. These classes are tailored to individual classes in order to best meet the learning goals of particular courses and students. Instruction sessions may include an examination of library databases, search strategies for finding information, and measures to evaluate information resources.

We recommend that faculty provide students with a specific assignment to work on before students come to the library session. Research shows that students benefit most from this instruction when it is directly connected to specific assignments which students have had time to reflect on. Please also provide us with a copy of the relevant assignment so that we can best tailor the library session to the needs of your students. We encourage faculty’s attendance and active participation during the sessions, since this optimizes students’ learning.


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(ex.: CORE 110, Effective Writing)
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Please schedule your library session at least two weeks in advance to allow sufficient preparation time for librarians, who will collaborate with you and develop the most effective library session possible.  

Since research shows that students benefit most from library classes when they have had time to reflect on their related assignment, please also inform students of the assignment at least one week prior to the library session.

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