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Courses for Spring 2007

HIST/GEOG 211 Intro to Geography
HIST 261 Research & Methods
HIST 303 American Wars
HIST 387 World War II

HIST 360 American Public Rhetoric
HIST 477/ENGL 382 Murder and Monarchy: Shakespeare's British History

Courses for Fall 2006

HIST/GEOG 211 Introduction to Geography
HIST 255 History through Selected Biography
HIST 260 American Political History
HIST 363 Russia in Historical Perspective
HIST 371 International Politics
HIST 415 Senior Seminar
HIST 476 Northeast Pennsylvania: The Ethnic and Cultural Experience

Instructional Web Sites

Witch Hunts

20th Century History

Women's History

American Revolution

U.S. Parties and Politics

U.S. Presidency

U.S. since 1945

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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CORE classes:

CORE 130 American Civilization

CORE 131 Western Civilization and Western Civ on the Web

CORE 132 The Twentieth Century: Global Perspectives

Major Courses:

HIST 260 American Political History

HIST 282 Asian Civilizations

HIST 291 American Christianity

HIST 337 Early American Republic

HIST 339 U.S. since 1945

HIST 343 U.S. Presidency

HIST 345 Modern Britain

HIST/WMST 373 Women in Western Civilization

HIST 374 Greece and Rome 500 B.C. - A.D. 500

HIST 375 Medieval Europe 500-1500

HIST 376 Early Modern Europe 1500-1815

HIST 377 German Europe 1815-1945

HIST 415 Senior Seminar

HIST 425 Nazi Germany

HIST/WMST 444 The Witch Hunts 1400-1800

Internet Resources:

Search Engines

Academic Honesty

Some History Links

Internet Source Evaluation

Footnotes and Bibliographies

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History Sources

Grading and Assessment Guides

Paper Presentation Guide

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