The King’s College History Department

Mission Statement

We train students to understand the forces which have shaped our world, to address current problems based on historical thinking, and to communicate effectively.

Vision Statement

The History Department recognizes the liberal arts as a preparation for living. History is the basis of an enlightened, concerned, and self-critical citizenry. Its premise is that we cannot prepare for the future without accurately perceiving and reflecting upon the world our predecessors have made. In this pursuit, History provides better understanding of ourselves, practice in essential liberal academic skills, and knowledge about other peoples and practices. The History Department seeks to continue its tradition of excellence in teaching, serving our growing number of students who are preparing for a variety of careers, including law, business, public and government service, education, public history, amateur interest, or good citizenship.   

Departmental Goal

Both in a strong CORE curriculum and in the major program we train students in historical content and methodology toward responsible citizenship and serious scholarship.

Student Learning Outcome 1: Student will demonstrate familiarity with major historical subjects, themes, and concepts.

Suggested Course Objectives:

Student Learning Outcome 2: Students will engage and investigate history as a conversation about how we make sense of the past.

Suggested Course Objectives:

Student Learning Outcome 3: Students will illustrate their participation in these historical conversations by producing original scholarship.

Suggested Course Objectives:

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