Know Your Constitution!

A competition to mark Constitution Day presented by the History, Economics, and Political Science Departments and the Public Policy Research Institute of King's College.

Monday, 17 September 2007 at 3:30 p.m. in the Snyder Room, Sheehy-Farmer Building.

For more information or to register your team contact Prof. Pavlac (ext. 5748;, Hafey-Marian 307) before Monday, 17 September at noon.


Questions will be according to the following categories:  

1. Origins (including the Revolution, Articles of Confederation, and the Convention) 2. The Campaign (including the Federalist Papers and Founding Fathers) 3. The Document itself
4. Bill of Rights and Amendments 5. Supreme Court decisions 6.  Basic Citizenship

To learn what you can, here are some links to material on the Constitution:  


NARA - U. S. National Archives

NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER - Museum site with interpretive information, including an interactive Constitution.

THE CONSTITUTION ONLINE - Rather general information; adequate

CONSTITUTIONFACTS.COM - Info on the Constitution, Declaration, Articles of Confederation, Founding Fathers and Supreme Court, with a quiz!

ANNOTATED COPY OF THE CONSTITUTION - An excellent structure which provides appropriate and
interesting "sidebar" commentaries as well as hyperlinks which "update" the Constitution.

THE FOUNDERS' CONSTITUTION - University of Chicago excellent "source of primary sources"; examines background as well as each provision of the Constitution

THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION: A DOCUMENTARY RECORD (AVALON PROJECT) - Outstanding features pre-1787, the Convention, the Ratification debates;  (includes papers of James Madison,

ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS - Documents located on the University of Groningen Master Site

MADISON - GODFATHER OF THE CONSTITUTION - A provocative commentary on Madison's actual role
in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787.

THE OYEZ PROJECT (NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY) - Comprehensive and detailed information on Supreme Court decisions from 1789 to present

Annenberg Companion Site to Democracy in America video course

JUSTICE LEARNING: civic education in the real world

"WHO WROTE THE CONSTITUTION?" (DIGITAL HISTORY) - Useful resources on the delegates.

INS Citizenship Questions,,


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