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SEEQ Targeted Teaching Strategies

Recommended strategies for addressing your teaching in each of the SEEQ's nine factors. If you'd like to improve in one of these areas, take a look at the corresponding strategies:

1. Learning / Academic Value | 2. Instructor Enthusiasm | 3. Organization / Clarity | 4. Group Interaction | 5. Individual Rapport | 6. Breadth of Coverage | 7. Examinations / Grading | 8. Assignments / Readings | 9. Workload

Book Reviews

Reviews of many books about teaching in higher education: University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Center for Teaching Excellence: <>. 


General articles of interest to higher education from the Association of American Colleges and Universities in AAC&U News < or>.   The Current Issue of AAC&U's magazine, Liberal Education (Winter 2003 Volume 89, Number 1) includes the article
"GREATER EXPECTATIONS: The Story of Institutional Transformation at King's College," by Jean O'Brien and Edmund Napieralski.  For an online version see:  <>.

Abstracts and full texts of peer-reviewed articles on college teaching, especially those that deal with technology:  University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Center for Teaching Excellence: <>. 

New books from National Academies Press on Undergraduate Teaching:  <>.

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
Special Issue on Problem Based Learning. 
Stefanou, S., Hood, L. & Stefanou, C. "Feedback and Change: Assessment of Individual Contributions Within Collaborative Activities in the Higher Education Classroom."  Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 12(2) 2001, 77-91. 

" different are professors' conceptions of college teaching and how difficult is this act of communicating about it. Teaching is not just apples and oranges; basic approaches to teaching seem to constitute a complex fruit salad, with a variety of nuts thrown in for richness. One professor sees teaching as the dissemination of knowledge; another sees it as the facilitation of learning. One professor construes teaching as focusing on teacher performance; another construes it as focusing on student performance. Even though we know that not everyone sees the world in the same way that we do, often we talk to each other about teaching as if we all mean the same thing by it." Broadley, et al.

Broadley, K. , Broadley, G. , Slater, G. & Suddaby, G. Promoting and Improving Teaching: Strategic Approaches and Practical Ideas. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 11(1) 2000, 97-116.

University of Washington, Center for Instructional Development and Research:  CIDR Resources for Teaching include online or downloadable bulletins with useful tips and advice.  

IDEA Center. <>.  Short papers on various topics with useful suggestions for classroom improvement.  

AAC&U Curriculum resources.  <>.


Community-based Learning Master Syllabus. <>.

Information Literacy Project Team. <>.

Problem Based Learning Project Team.  <>.

Planning for Excellence by D.W. Farmer. <>.  

Advice for how NOT to do a PowerPoint�  presentation:  <>.

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