The judge in the middle concludes, "In punishment thereof, this court sentences you to be whipped with 40 lashes at the public pillory. Make sure you have no further contact with the evil arts."

A few days later armed men take you to the town square and tie you to the pillar there. They rip open your clothing, exposing your back. Then the torturer begins to whip you.

The pain is horrible. People laugh and cheer. You faint after five strokes.

When you awake, you are lying on your face on a cot in the local nunnery. Your back feels like it is on fire and frozen at the same time.  Even more painful, you learn that your brother was arrested and executed as a witch in Merkhalle.  
After a few days you can move about, and they send you back to your farm. You find it in ruins from neglect. Weeds choke your fields. Most of your animals are gone or dead. With hard work, despite the ongoing pains in your back and joints, you might survive the winter.


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