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Frequently Asked Questions


What will the Women's Studies Minor do for students?
A Women's Studies Minor prepares students to make valuable contributions to society throughout their lives. Part of that preparation involves heightening awareness of and respect for the contributions and perspectives of diverse sectors of society by inviting students - both men and women - to explore the questioning of those who have been neglected, in large part, in our standard curriculum.

How do students participate?
As an interdisciplinary endeavor, the minor in Women's Studies offers courses in several fields. In addition, with the support of Student Affairs staff, students are encouraged to apply classroom learning through participation in co-curricular activities and programs.

The minor requires the completion of 18 credits. WMST/CORE 155, Women in American Society, is required, but is not considered a prerequisite to taking the other courses. The remaining 15 credits can be selected from a variety of courses that are described in the college catalog. link to the catalog course descriptions

For a listing of current offerings, click here.

In addition, with special permission, courses not normally listed as “Women's Studies” courses can be adapted to count toward the Women’s Studies minor by focusing research and other assignments on issues related to women and gender. This can be done by contacting the relevant course instructor and the Director of Women's Studies (robinfield@kings.edu).

Because of the cross-registration agreements with College Misericordia and Wilkes University, King's College students may also take Women's Studies courses at those institutions. However, students pursuing the Women's Studies Minor at King's should first consult with the Director of Women's Studies to ensure the course satisfies the established criteria for inclusion in the program.

How do students enroll in the Women's Studies Minor?
Because the courses which count towards the Women's Studies Minor are part of the regular curriculum, students register for courses with academic advisors. It is helpful for planning and communication purposes that a student also complete an initial declaration of minor form at the Registrar's Office. For further advice on planning to participate in this minor, students are encouraged to consult with the Director of Women's Studies, Dr. Robin Field, English, at Ext 5771 (robinfield@kings.edu).

Students also are invited to "sit in" on any of the courses offered as part of the Women's Studies Minor. Contact the relevant instructor or the Director for more information.

Can a student major in Women's Studies at King's?
Working with the Director, most students may design an individualized major in Women's Studies. This can be a student's first or only major, or it may be a second major program. As with any other major at King's, a student must complete the requirements of the CORE curriculum and meet the minimum of 120 hours for graduation while designing her or his program.

How does a faculty or staff member participate?
All members of the King's community who have an interest in advancing the equality of women and men are invited to join the Women's Studies Committee in planning events and co-curricular programs and in implementing the growth of the academic program. The Committee seeks to work in a truly collaborative fashion with other departments and offices on campus that promote respect for diversity of experiences and perspectives. Please contact the Director if you have an idea for a program that you would like Women's Studies to co-sponsor.

If you would like to have a course you teach (or are developing) included in the Women's Studies Minor, please see the criteria listed at this link.

Is there help for research in Women's Studies?
Dr. Brian Pavlac's Home Page offers useful links for research in women in history.

The Corgan Library web site offers links to Internet Resources in Women's Studies

Some campus policies concern issues sometimes discussed in Women's Studies:
Sexual Harassment of Students
Sexual Harassment of Employees
Guide for Rape, Sexual Assault or Acquaintance Rape



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