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Criteria for Course Inclusion in Minor


The Women’s Studies Minor aims to create an interdisciplinary framework in which students can learn about the ways gender relates to sex, race, age, and class. Women’s Studies offers alternative ways of looking at our political, economic, social and cultural roles and assumptions, focusing on the roles women play in these areas.  This format should both complement and supplement the established curriculum, while encouraging the process of applying those issues explored in Women’s Studies to a practical setting.


Students will:
Develop a global perspective that recognizes the political, economic and cultural interdependence of all societies and people.
Identify the specific contributions and perspectives of diverse sections of society.
Recognize and act upon the values formed during the study of the complex interrelations between gender and social life.
Appreciate different ways of knowing and living, and affirm individual experience as a legitimate source of knowledge.



Students will:
Understand feminist views and theories and apply them in their coursework.
Recognize and demonstrate familiarity with the relationships among gender, cultural heritage, race, ethnicity, creed, or other conditions that may lead to inclusionary and exclusionary distinctions.
Identify and analyze significant trends, problems and situations as they relate to contemporary life.



Courses offered as part of the minor should:
Focus the majority of course material either on women and their experiences or on gender-related subjects.
Incorporate current research and interpretations by scholars of race, ethnicity, class and culture, including non-traditional theories of knowledge and methods of inquiry.
Critically examine the social forces that shape women’s experiences.
Consider gender as a social construct that may help analyze relationships, social customs, and institutions.
Utilize pedagogical strategies that encourage participatory learning, personal growth, social awareness, and open exchanges of views for all students.

How to Get Involved:
Integrating Women’s Studies courses into the current curriculum will not only benefit students, it will also allow professors to teach course material from a different perspective.  Teaching a Women’s Studies course can be a truly rewarding experience. Faculty members and students can also adapt courses not normally listed as “Women’s Studies” to count toward the minor.  If you are interested in incorporating a course into the Women’s Studies curriculum, please contact Dr. Robin Field (x5771  robinfield@kings.edu).


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