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About the Program


In 1991, a group of faculty and staff members met to discuss how the current curriculum could be changed to reflect a more inclusive vision of the human experience. Looking to other colleges similar to King's, the group decided that the institution of a Women's Studies Minor would be the most focused way of introducing this vision to our curriculum.  King's introduced its new minor in the 1993-94 academic year.

The Women's Studies Committee administers the program in a collaborative and inclusive fashion. While the Director has responsibility for representing the interests and concerns of the Program to the college and wider communities, major decisions about the program are made through consensus of the committee as a whole. Each member of the committee is valued for the input she or he provides and takes responsibility for enabling the program to contribute to the life of the College.



Women’s Studies Minor Description and Requirements


Minor Description

An interdisciplinary program, the minor in Women’s Studies offers courses in several fields. In addition, with the support of Student Affairs staff, students have the opportunity to apply classroom learning through participation in co-curricular activities and programs. Women’s Studies prepares students — both women and men — to make valuable contributions to society throughout their lives. Part of this preparation involves heightening awareness of and respect for the contributions and perspectives of diverse sectors of society.

Although Women’s Studies is designed to be a minor concentration, it may be possible for interested students to self-design a major in Women’s Studies.

Minor Requirements

(6 courses — 18 credits)

CORE 155: Women in American Society (3)

Fifteen (15) credits WMST electives

The College catalog offers a listing of all Women's Studies courses



Committee Members


Dr. Margarita Rose, Economics
mmrose@kings.edu ,x5778

Dr. Philip Muntzel, Theology
pamuntze@kings.edu, x5492

Dr. Jennifer McClinton-Temple, English

Dr. Laurie Sterling, English

Dr. Megan Lloyd, English

Ms. Judy Plummer: judithplummer@verizon.net

Dr. Anne Massey aemassey@kings.edu

Dr. Marian Boscia, Accounting

Dr. Brian Pavlac, History

Dr. Anne Massey, Spanish

Dr. Joyce Armstrong, Education

Dr. Laurie Ayre, Education

Dr. Martha Hanlon, Education

Dr. Jean O’Brien, Psychology

Ms. Donna J. Dickinson
ACT 101 Program

Dr. Jean O'Brien x5914 jpobrien@kings.edu

Dr. Robin Field, English



Women's Organizations Outside of King's College



King's College holds Institutional Memberships in the following organizations. See how that membership can benefit you.

NAWCHE- National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education

AAUW- American Association of University Women


Local Community Organizations that address issues explored in Women's Studies include:

Catherine McAuley House

Domestic Violence Service Center

Victims Resource Center

Luzerne County Commission on Women

League of Women Voters

Catholic Social Services

Maternal and Family Health Services

Greater Federated Women's Club-Northeast Club




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