Student Profiles

  • Paula Lyons graduated from King's with a duel major of psychology and human resources management.  After graduation she became a senior benefits specialist with Towers Perrin.  She holds an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University.  "Most people would not think that being a psychology major would directly prepare one for an MBA program or a job in today's competitive corporate world, but I have found that because of my psychology background, I have brought and continue to bring quite a different and unique perspective to these institutions," says Lyons.  "I believe I am successful because I don't just present information, but I get involved with the receivers of this information to insure that they understand and know how this information will affect them."
  • Marisa Kensinger worked with the Children's Service Center, Wilkes-Barre, and completed her internship in the centers autism program.  "All of my classes, even neuroscience, tied in with autism,"  she says.  "It's been interesting.  I loved my internship so much that I am doing the same one again. I think the fact that I did an internship and have clinical experience will make a big difference in being accepted.  Almost anyone can do well on the GRE's and get good grades, but you have to have experience."



  • John Garrett, Ph.D. graduated from King's with a duel major in psychology and political science. Shortly after receiving his doctorate he worked as a professor of psychology and director of the graduate program in counseling at Columbia College, Mo.  "The thing I liked best about the psychology department at King's was the enthusiasm of the professors which transmitted to the students in the small classes,"  says Dr. Garrett.  "I was also fortunate to conduct a study with Dr. Brooks which we published - a "plus" when applying to graduate school."
  • Jaime Miller interned at the State Correctional Institute in Dallas, where she counseled inmates in the cell block for the mentally ill.  My internship was the best course I had in preparing me for the outside world. I counseled inmates one-on-one, and documented the meeting in their file.   The experience gave me a good knowledge base for graduate school."


  • Sarah Ferdinand  received her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Binghamton University, and is now a research director with Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical.  "The quality of instruction in the psychology department at King's is outstanding.  I was so worried that everyone would be ahead of me because I came from a small college, but it's just not true.  I was more prepared, and I have Dr. Brooks and Dr. Coffin to thank for that."