Pinning Ceremony August 2011

2011 grads

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The  King's College PA Program pin designed by the faculty.

King's College PA Program held its first annual second year student pinning ceremony in December 1998.  The tradition continues, this year with an evening dinner event that included family and friends of the graduates.

We honor and congratulate the graduating students. Julie Teed MPAS, PA-C '10 gave an address to the graduates and Dr. Mark Radziewicz, our Medical Director, gave a few words of wisdom to the graduates. John Kearns, a member of the graduating class spoke about his experiences as a PA student and "roasted" many of the faculty.

For the fifth time, the "Award for Academic Excellence" was given to the graduating student with the highest professional phase GPA. This year the award was given to Abigail Race. Abby received an engraved plaque and her name is engraved on a perpetual plaque that is on display in the hallway outside the PA Program office.

In addition to this award 6 students, 1 alumni, and one honorary member were inducted into the Pi Alpha Honor Society which is the national honor society for PAs. Several other awards were also given.

Dr. Mark Radziewicz  Medical Director                              Dr. Nick Holodick  VP Academic Affairs 

Below are pictures from past ceremonies

2009 Award for Academic Excellence
Jessica Frawley '09

The 2008 Award for Academic Excellence
Jean Denion MHA PA-C Academic Coordinator     Emily McHale '08      Kyle Fetterolf  MPAS PA-C Academic Director

         Diana Easton MPAS PA-C Clinical Director       Pam MacNeely PA-C Clinical Faculty     Jocelyn Hook MPAS PA-C  Clinical Coordinator

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Dr. Feudale and Mr. Fetterolf offering "Words of Wisdom" at the 2003 ceremony.

Remember to always have a SENSE OF HUMOR !!!

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