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After our most recent upgrade, Moodle does not promise compatibility with older versions of internet browsers, like Internet Explorer 8.
Browser upgrades often help with security and reliability, so please upgrade your browser to the latest at these links:
Firefox | Chrome | Safari | IE10+

Did you know there's a Moodle App? Get easy access to Moodle on your mobile device using these links:
google play store Get Moodle Mobile for your Android device
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When setting up the app, the server location should be

NOTE: Moodle Mobile is not affiliated with King's College and only promises deliver to Moodle content to your mobile device. Always have a stable machine and internet connection when taking quizzes or completing assignments.


Our latest Moodle upgrade was a success. Find out how some of the changes may affect you.

Summer is the time for upgrades...
Turnitin service will be unavailable
during a scheduled maintenance period on Saturday, July 26th, 2014, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. We will be making significant upgrades to improve speed and capabilities for this valuable product.

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