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 Did you ever stop to think about how a video game works? How about a 3D movie or that new app you just downloaded? Computer programs are based on mathematic formulas and logic that are applied to a particular use. Long after current technology becomes obsolete, the science of math will continue to solve existing problems or discover new concepts. Mathematics is the foundation upon which the other sciences are built so the next time you think of math as just being about algebra and geometry, think again.

Mathematics at King’s College

 The mathematics department at King’s College strives to make its students sophisticated in the way they think and solve problems, both in mathematics and in life. By studying mathematics, students gain a sound background in both pure and applied mathematics while developing a respect for objective reasoning, clear ideas, and precise expression. Mathematics majors develop their analytical and problem-solving skills to make informed decisions, which can be applied in a variety of fields. Because of the unique flexibility of King’s math program, some students select a second major or minor in the sciences and business in order to maximize their future opportunities. 

Career Opportunities

One of the most advantageous components of majoring in mathematics is all of the job possibilities it provides. While some King’s College math students seek careers as teachers, worldwide dependence upon predictive modeling and statistical analysis has created numerous other exciting career opportunities for math grads. Advanced degrees are recommended for those interested in computer science or engineering but a degree in mathematics can take you to many careers and places, such as:

 • computer systems analysis
• actuarial science
• secondary education
• software engineering
• quality control/inventory management
• market

Job and Graduate School Placement

 Many people who have earned a degree in mathematics at King’s have flourished in the workforce or graduate school. Here are some examples of where our alumni have found success.

• Ohio State University, postdoctoral researcher in biomathematics
• Boston University, graduate studies in biostatistics
• Villanova University, master’s degree in computer science
• Cigna, benefits analyst
• Brigham Young Women’s Hospital, data analyst
• Hatboro-Horsham School District, Hatboro, Pa., teacher

To learn more about majoring in Mathematics at King’s College, please contact the Office of Admission at 1-888-KINGS PA or


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