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The King's College Mathematics Department offers three courses which are designed to assist students in preparing for the first two preliminary actuarial exams.

The two course sequence Math 361 - Probability (offered fall semesters) and Math 362 - Statistics (offered spring semesters completely cover the syllabus for the following actuarial exam:

Probability Exam (called Exam P by the SOA and Exam 1 by the CAS) consists of three hours of multiple–choice questions. The purpose of this exam is to develop knowledge of probability. The application of these tools to problems encountered by actuaries is emphasized. A thorough command of calculus and probability topics is assumed. Additionally, a very basic knowledge of insurance and risk management is assumed.(1)

The course Math 301 - Financial Mathematics (offered spring semester odd numbered years) completely covers the "Theory of Interest" topics of the following actuarial exam:

Financial Mathematics Exam (called Exam FM by the SOA and Exam 2 by the CAS) consists of three hours of multiple–choice questions. This exam covers interest theory (discrete and continuous) and an introduction to derivative securities.(2)  It assumes a basic knowledge of calculus and probability.(1)

(1)  Taken from the "Be An Actuary" website
(2)  The Introduction to Derivative Securities material is not currently taught at King's College except for independent study.

 These preliminary exams are very challenging and students should expect to spend at least 4 weeks prior to their exam date preparing for the exam by working hundreds of problems.

 Additionally, students can earn "Validation by Educational Credit" for the required economics material by completed Econ 222 at King's College.

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