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 King's Teacher's Work World Experiences Help Students 
danr.jpg (9578 bytes)   - by Dan Robinson

Dr. Joseph Plummer   Mrs. Jayne Klenner-Moore    Mrs. Ann Joyce    Dr. Anthony Mussari

Dr. Joseph Plummer

[Move mouse over picture for video]

Dr. Joseph Plummer is a man who is dedicated to his work. He is a man who has spent the last thirteen years helping students become better writers.

Dr. Plummer received his Bachelors degree in Speech and Drama from the Catholic University in Washington. Later he went on to receive two Masters degrees; one in Philosophy from St. Stevens College in Dover Massachusetts, and the other in Theatre from Stanford University. Dr. Plummer studied for his Doctorate in Rhetoric and Linguistics at Indiana University in Pennsylvania.

Before coming to King’s, Dr. Plummer was working in public relations and marketing for a three hundred-bed hospital in Middletown, New York. When a massive lay-off hit the hospital he was forced to look for a job. Luckily, it was at the same time that Dr. Anthony Mussari, Chairman of the Mass Communications/Media Technologies Department, was advertising for a communication person in the New York Times.

These days Dr. Plummer is always trying to keep his hand in the profession he loves. While teaching pre-journalism, he publishes regular theatre reviews for the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader and occasionally does a freelance piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer. While teaching keeps him pretty busy, he does manage to write about six to eight pieces a year.

In addition to his teaching and writing, Dr. Plummer finds the time to perform a one-man production of A Christmas Carol. In this ninety minute version of Dickens masterpiece Dr. Plummer manages to perform all  thirty-seven characters, doing this he tries to suggest each of the different characters. Dr. Plummer has been staging this classic tale for a generation.

Mrs. Jayne Klenner-Moore   

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Mrs. Jayne Klenner-Moore an instructional design professor

While Mrs. Jayne Klenner-Moore has only been teaching here at King’s since 1995, she has spent a good portion of her life here. Mrs. Klenner-Moore graduated with a marketing from King’s in 1986 and went on to do her masters   internship here in 1993. Because of that internship she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Mussari and develop a great working relationship.

In addition to her academic work, she was able to find the time to start a multi-media company. This company deals with free-lance video, audio and multi-media.

A Doctoral candidate at Pennsylvania State University in Instructional Systems, Mrs. Klenner-Moore still finds the time to consult on multi-media design projects.            

An undergraduate at King's in marketing, it was not until she was working on her Masters that she became interested in instructional design. Mrs. Klenner-Moore tries to bring her family as much as possible into everything she is doing. Luckily for her teaching allows her the time to attend her son’s soccer games because of the somewhat flexible schedule. While it is all a juggling act, Mrs. Klenner-Moore is able to balance her family, a Doctorate program, full-time teaching, business affairs and time with her students.

Mrs. Ann Joyce   

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Mrs. Ann Joyce a graphic design    teacher 
[click on picture for audio]

Mrs. Ann Joyce has spent a great deal of her life at King’s. While she has only been teaching here since 1981, her husband is a graduate from King’s. To her, King’s has always been a part of her life. "I've grown up with it." 

Mrs. Joyce began her teaching at King's as a part-time professor in 1981 and later, in 1989, she began teaching full-time.  Before coming to King's, Mrs. Joyce studied for her undergraduate at the Maryland Institute College of Arts, which is rated second for graphic design in the country. It was from this school she received a Bachelors in Fine Arts. She later studied for her Masters in Human Resources with a concentration in Organizational Supervision at the University of Scranton. Mrs. Joyce's Doctoral area is in Art Education from Pennsylvania State University in University Park.

Mrs. Joyce is a firm believer that one can not teach the area of graphic design without entering the workplace; she had fifteen years experience before she began teaching at King's. During that time she was the art director at WVIA, where she also did her college internship. She was also director of publications for the University of Scranton.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Joyce has a free-lance business in design and is a practicing artist.  She enjoys creating mix media sculptures, predominately painting and drawing.  Mrs. Joyce believes that if she were not teaching that she would now being living in Northern California creating artwork for all to enjoy.  Even with her busy schedule she still finds time to do what she loves.  Mrs. Joyce has had exhibits shown in the Everhart Museum and within some of the galleries at the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Anthony Mussari

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Dr. Mussari-department chairman

Dr. Anthony Mussari, "Doc" as he is known to his students, is a man who has spent a great deal of his life at King's.  Besides being the Chairman of the Department for the past nineteen years, Dr. Mussari has been teaching here for the last thirty-one years. 

A 1963 graduate, King's was surprisingly not his first choice of schools. Dr. Mussari was wanting foremost to attend the college that his brother graduated from, but for numerous reasons he instead went to King's.  One of the main reasons attending to King's was that his family's economic circumstances did not allow him to attend his first choice, but King’s was a school his family could afford.  His father was a huge supporter of King’s; being one of the people who was involved in the original King's fundraiser drive. Another reason was that it was a school that was in walking distance from his house. When Dr. Mussari started King’s he fell in love with it. Anytime he has not been here physically, he was here in his heart and mind.

Although he says that he does not have any other outside careers, Dr. Mussari does have many passions that keep him busy. Because of his love of the media, he took a leave of absence in 1980-1 to experience it on a national level. This was the time when he was forced to make the decision to either stay in Texas, to be full-time in media or to return home. His final decision incorporated both aspects. Upon returning he formed a production company. It is through this that Dr. Mussari has been producing documentaries for the past two decades.  Dr. Mussari and his wife, Kitch have also started a corporate and industrial video production business that they've run in New York City for the last eighteen years.

His main passion is his beloved Windsor Park Stories. The series has been running on WVIA since 1997, but the first phase of the park was constructed the year before. It was in the park where Dr. Mussari and Kitch came up with the idea for Windsor Park Stories. Windsor Park Stories is a show where Dr. Mussari and Kitch sit down with ordinary people and allow them a chance to tell their wonderful, inspirational stories.

Dr. Mussari also does something that other teachers may believe is unusual. About three times a year Kitch and Dr. Mussari invite students into their home to watch movies, sing Christmas carols and, of course, visit Windsor Park. It is their belief that people may learn more when they are not confined to the four walls of a classroom. This setting also allows the students to see the Mussari’s in a different light and allows the Mussari’s to see their students in a different setting.

Dr. Mussari sees the students that he teaches as an extended part of his family. It is this unique vision that allows King's to become a community and makes the Mass Communications department strong.