POSITION:††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Security Officer, Full Time


GRADE:†††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† 27


DEPARTMENT:††††††††††††††††††† Security


SHIFT:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Rotating Shifts


POSITION REPORTS TO:††† Executive Director & Director of Security


JOB FUNCTION:Provides safe and secure environment to campus by practicing good crime prevention techniques, protection of life and property, suppression of criminal activity, recovery of property, and preservation of peace.





1.      Thorough knowledge of all college rules and regulations concerning buildings and grounds; all policies, rules and regulations contained in the student handbook; and all policies, rules, and regulations of security regarding position duties and responsibilities.

2.      Thorough knowledge of the physical plant layout (all College properties), and areas that are prone to fire alarms, utility failures, theft, vandalism, etc.Knowing the location of fire extinguishers, cut-off valves, etc.

3.      Conducts security patrol of campus areas and facilities practicing crime prevention methods taking appropriate action to guard against criminal activity and inappropriate conduct, etc.Conducts emergency building searches for intruderís, trespassers and bomb threats.

4.      Locks and unlocks buildings as scheduled or assigned and upon request of college administration and so documents actions.

5.      Investigates incidents occurring on campus (criminal and non-criminal) brought to his/her attention or withdrawal.Insures appropriate action taken, reports filed and appropriate college administration are made aware if incidents.

6.      Completes all required reports and logs clearly and promptly and for the submission of such reports and logs to the Director of Security at the completion of duty.

7.      Maintains harmonious relationships with all associates by courteous and considerate demeanor.

8.      Attends and complete all required Security Training initiated or designated by the Department or appropriate authority.

9.      Apprehends, detains and takes appropriate action in conformance to college policy against all offenders.If necessary, may be request assistance of local police department.

10.  As required or subpoena appears before College judicial proceeding, magistrate hearing or court of common pleas in prosecutions of accused.

11.  Performs all duties and responsibilities in courteous are friendly manner to all students, faculty, staff and public rendering assistance and information when requested.

12.  Assists and works with all College departments and organizations in situations of sudden emergency when such assistance is necessary.

13.  Appropriate use and management of personal Kingís College email account.

14.  Use and management of a personal Kingís College Web Advisor account.

15.  Accurately checks and verifies all identification cards of students, guests and visitors upon entrance into residence halls.





1.      Performs other duties as assigned.




1.      High school education or beyond.

2.      235 Security Act certification. Current or previous Act 120 Certification or equivalent preferred.

3.      CPR and First Aid certified.

4.      Participates in training and re-certification as required.

5.      Background investigation required.

6.      Experience preferred, but not required.


WORKING CONDITIONS / PHYSICAL DEMDANDS: Ability to analyze and diffuse emergency non-emergency situations peacefully and successfully.Individual must be able to meet established specific physical requirements of the job, such as running, lifting, carrying or dragging heavy objects.Also, climbing over or pulling oneself over obstacles.Jumping on elevated stairways.Ability to resolve physical disputes or engage in physical confrontation, if necessary.