POSITION:                                        MIS Systems Support Specialist


CLASSIFICATION:                          Administrative


DEPARTMENT:                                Information and Instructional Technology Services


REPORTS TO:                                   Managing Director of MIS Services



Serves as primary hardware and systems-software support position for Ellucian/Colleague, CROA, WebAdvisor, Self-Serve and other Ellucian related hardware/software.  This person will primarily focus on the hardware/software support, maintenance and updating of the Ellucian/Colleague related systems as well as the relevant systems and operating systems software.  A successful candidcate will have a strong knowledge hardware,systems software and database support including but not limited to AIX/Unix, SQL, Windows Server, UniData as well as a familiarity with an academic environment and Ellucian/Colleague software.  This position will also work to support, troubleshoot, document and help maintain the Ellucian/Colleague application software and related systems.




1.      Maintains Ellucian/Colleague server and related systems hardware.

2.      Works to help design and execute effective backup procedures for Ellucian/Colleague related systems.

3.      Troubleshoots and works to repair hardware and systems software issues.

4.      Works to maintain current levels of hardware microcode, operating systems, reporting systems and Ellucian/Colleague related systems.

5.      Assists in the day-to-day support, troubleshooting and maintenance of the Ellucian/Colleague application software.

6.      Works with members of the MIS teams to learn and support the Ellucian/Colleague, CROA, WebAdvisor, SelfServe, UI and related siftware.

7.      Instructs and assists administrative personnel in the use of the Ellucian/Colleague modules, and related computer activities.

8.      Supports PC's, Windows, and Networking to the extent necessary to support Administrative users and MIS team members.

9.      Assists in the development of required procedure documentation.

10.  Performs routine operations associated with Ellucian/Colleague maintenance, (i.e. backups, purge functions, software testing for new programs and releases, etc.)

11.  Serves as Secondary Response Line Contact with Ellucian.

12.  Assists with the troubleshooting, maintenance, updating and upgrade of printers and other Ellucian/Colleague associated hardware,

13.  Attends Hardware, systems software of application software training sessions as required.




1.      Assists in evaluating needs for server, hardware or peripheral equipment as needed.

2.      Performs other duties as assigned.





Minimum educational requirement, Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field or minimum 5- years relevant experience with hardware, database concepts, operating systems, systems software and server technologies.  Excellent organizational skills.  Well developed communication skills.  Ability to: interact with staff members, College personnel and constituents; work independently; operate varied office machines and equipment.


WORKING CONDITIONS: Typical office working conditions.