POSITION:                Community Outreach and Social Justice Programs Coordinator




DEPARTMENT:      Campus Ministry


REPORTS TO:          Shoval Center Director


JOB FUNCTION:    The Community Outreach and Social Justice Programs Coordinator collaborates to foster community service experiences and promote awareness of social justice issues.




I.                  Special Events


a.       Coordinate CitySERVE orientation service project for all first-year students.

  1. Recruit nonprofits to provide 2-hour service-projects for approximately thirty (30) sections of FYE/CORE 90 at beginning of academic year (600+ students). 
  2. Work with Campus Activities and the FYE/CORE 90 program to match FYE classes with these projects, and ensure that there are sufficient programs to match current enrollment numbers.
  3. Arrange for transportation and supplies for all CitySERVE projects.
  4. Train staff leaders and student co-leaders on expectations and logistics for CitySERVE.
  5. Prepare informational packets for all SERVE leaders and co-leaders.
  6. Coordinate speakers and prepare gym, chapel or other area for CitySERVE Day.
  7. Supervise student interns to assist with CitySERVE logisitics as needed.
  8. Conduct and review surveys on all CitySERVE projects.


b.      Develop and implement a Volunteer Fair for all students at beginning of fall semester (September).

  1. Recruit area non-profits to host tables on volunteer opportunities at their agencies.
  2. Coordinate space, food, snacks, and/or prizes to attract students and nonprofits.
  3. Advertise through King’s outlets and social media.
  4. Help connect interested students with nonprofits in weeks following event.


c.       Organize King’s “Hunger for Justice Week” as part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November).

1.      Arrange week-long series of educational and volunteer events to raise awareness of hunger and homelessness.  (Past events have included presentations and discussions led by outside agencies; hunger banquets; voluntary student fasts to raise money for charity; “Weigh the Waste” event to monitor and reduce waste in the dining hall; the “60-Hour Homeless Solidarity Experience”; voluntary opportunities with area nonprofits; educational displays, and films and other media presentations.)

2.      Advertise and recruit student volunteers through King’s outlets and social media;   host sign-up tables on campus prior to event.


d.      One-Day Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Project (February)
  2. Holy Cross Day of Service (April-May): Organize 1-day volunteer opportunity open to all students and staff--traditionally 80 students


II.               Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities and Placements


a.       Campus-Wide Service Opportunities

  1. Coordinate monthly opportunities for students to engage in direct service with local nonprofits, either on- and off-campus. 
  2. Advertise and arrange transportation for students and/or nonprofits as necessary
  3. Help connect participants to further involvement with these nonprofits.


b.      Individual Student Volunteering

  1. Receive and process individual students’ requests to find volunteer opportunities
  2. Contact community organizations to find placements for interested students


c.       Community Relations and Volunteering

  1. Receive, respond, and whenever appropriate coordinate community requests for volunteers
  2. Publicize community requests through appropriate means
  3. Advise and/or coordinate appropriate community fundraiser requests


d.      Student Clubs, Organizations, and Residence Life

  1. Advise and assist with set-up and approval of service projects for student clubs and organizations
  2. Serve as liaison to Residence Life


e.       Shuttle Driver

  1. Assist and drive students needing transportation to and from service and work-study sites





III.           Social Justice Programs


a.       Develop and implement programs and events for students to become further aware of social, economic and political issues of justice (e.g. poverty, immigration, the environment, etc.).

1.      Coordinate on-campus discussion groups/roundtables in response to pressing social issues and events.

2.      Facilitate education/awareness events and presentations such as movies/documentaries, campus displays, and/or webinars, etc.

3.      Arrange for periodic speakers from regional nonprofits, government agencies, or universities on current social justice issues.


b.      Coordinate volunteer events for student engagement in social justice issues

1.      Develop King’s service opportunities for students to work directly with those affected by specific social justice issues.

2.      Help promote similar volunteer events coordinated by outside agencies and/or other universities.


c.       Facilitate student advocacy as demonstrated by student interest

1.      Advise and assist students when interested in civic engagement practices such as petitioning, calling or e-mailing elected representatives.

2.      Advise and assist students when interested in holding events to raise campus or public awareness of social justice issues.


d.      Assist in existing programming surrounding immigration and interfaith dialogue, including:

1.      Interfaith Fast-a-Thon and Dinner

2.      “Refugees Seeking Safety” Simulation Event


e.       Promote campus awareness and engagement in the Catholic Social Tradition, either as part or separate from programming above. 

1.      Promote campus awareness of the Catholic Social Tradition (CST), including church teaching and the positions of present-day organizations/movements inspired by CST.

2.      Engage students with Catholic and interreligious groups involved in campaigns to aid victims of social injustice, either through direct action or advocacy. 

3.      Foster involvement in CST through other means such as theological reflections and writings; social media and websites; movies and documentaries; art and literature.



IV.            Shared Shoval Center Activities


a.       Participate as able in the following activities with the rest of the Shoval staff:

1.      SERVE alternative break service trips

2.      Hospitality events such as Midnight Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate & Cookies Night, Shoval Center Cookout

3.      Student Interest Fair and Wellness Fair

4.      Speaking to FYE classes about opportunities to volunteer in the community

5.      Assisting Shoval director with placement of individuals and groups in FYE service opportunities

6.      Maintenance of Shoval website, social media outlets, and brochures

7.      Advertising of Shoval events and programs

8.      Weekly staff meetings




1.      Accepts other duties as the Shoval Center continues to evolve.




1.      B.A.; Master’s Degree in related field preferable but not required.

2.      Minimum of 2 years-experience in a higher education or related setting with student development.

3.      Demonstrated ability to collaborate within an academic setting and development of community service programs and/or non-profit leadership.

4.      Working familiarity with local nonprofits and agencies; conversant with social justice issues and the Catholic Social Tradition.

5.      Budget management and grant writing experience.

6.      Excellent communications and public relations skills.

7.     Driver’s License


WORKING CONDITIONS: Typical office working conditions.  Some evening and weekends required.