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Links to sites for international law are voluminous, though the vast majority link to specific international organizations, treaties, etc.  This list begins with several general sites which contain numerous links within.


A site put together by Professor W. B. Fisch of Missouri  Law School is referenced in a number of international law syllabi.  It is called Some Websites for International LawThe actual address:

Professor William R. Slomanson, author of the popular text Fundamental Perspectives on International Law, maintains a web site related to the text with many links entitled International Law Sources "A to Z"  The actual address:

Still more comprehensive and imaginative is the site maintained by the international law librarian at the University of Chicago Law School, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet.

The actual address for this link is:

The ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (ERG) is a Guide developed by the American Society of International Law.  The ERG offers research guidance to electronic materials in 10 areas: the UN; Treaties; Human Rights; International Economics; Environmental and Criminal Law; Private International Law; Lists; Newsgroups and Networks; International Commercial Arbitration; and an Introduction to Researching International Law online.  It has been published since 1997, and is continuously updated and expanded.  The actual address for this link is:

The “Lectric Law Library” is a fascinating, tongue-in-cheek review of laws and other topics. It is irreverent and amusing. The Rotunda is the Library's central hub, Directory & Index. In The Reference Room you will find dozens of legal Topic Areas & the net's best law Dictionary.  The actual address is

The USSCplus Online Subject Matter Index lists U.S. Supreme Court cases under a long alphabetical list of topics. Looking under just “international law” reveals 128 key cases on matters of international law. The address is


The International Court of Justice (ICJ)

You can look at summaries of all International Court of Justice cases through the ICJ site at Cornell Law School. is the actual address. 
Or you can go directly to the ICJ itself at

The International Criminal Court

The official International Criminal Court site maintained by the U.N. is at the actual address  The ICC will come officially into existence when ratified by 60 states.  You can check the List of Signatories and Ratifications of the Rome Statute of the ICC at the specific address

There is much current controversy and debate about the merits and/or dangers of the International Criminal Court. A helpful resource is the University of Chicago's International Criminal Court Resources. At the actual address

The Law of the Sea

Review U.N. information relating to the Law of the Sea at Oceans and Law of the the specific U.N. address

Universal Jurisdiction

Universal jurisdiction is becoming an increasingly complex and controversial issue.  The Princeton Project on Universal Jurisdiction of the Program in Law and Public Affairs of Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs has put together policy statements known as The Princeton Principles on Universal Jurisdiction.  The link page summarizes them and allows you to access the 50+ page report as a PDF link.


There are numerous international law journals but most are not available on line full-text or (like the AJIL) are only available through subscription.  The Emory International Law Review  is on line through several back issues at the address

The European Journal of International Law. Visitors clicking on each issue will find the full text of one lead article as well as all review essays and book reviews. Full text of recent articles is available only to subscribers. But the Archive does contain full text of Volumes 1-9 (1990-1999). The address is

The Laws of War

An article in The Cato Journal summarizes the international law of war.  See Anderson & Gifford, "Order out of Anarchy"  or at for the actual address.

Short comments on specific issues

The American Society of International Law, publisher of the AJIL does offer a useful site: the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law   Under “publications” check Insights, which contains short comments going back several years on a number of specific international law issues, especially those in the news.  The actual address is

Citizenship and nationality

The embassies and consulates of many countries contain information about their rules of citizenship.  One interesting example is presented by Ireland.  If you have a grandparent born in Ireland you may be eligible for Irish citizenship.  Check out  or another Irish government source at

A site maintained by an individual with dual Canadian-American citizen contains useful information on dual citizenship issues and American citizenship law, at the address:

Human Rights Conventions

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights maintains a list of numerous conventions, including updated status of signatories and ratifications at the address:

Search the web yourself for information on specific course topics and share it with the class.

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