Know Your Constitution!

A competition to mark Constitution Day presented by the History, Sociology/CJ, Economics, and Political Science Departments and the Public Policy Research Institute of King's College.

Monday, 17 September 2007 at 3:30 p.m. in the Snyder Room Sheehy-Farmer.

To register your team contact Dr. Pavlac (ext. 5748; bapavlac, Hafey-Marian 307) before Friday, 14 September at 2 p.m. 


Questions will be according to the following categories:  

1. The Convention 2. The Campaign (including the Federalist Papers) 3. The Document itself
4. Bill of Rights and Amendments 5. Supreme Court decisions 6.  Basic Citizenship

KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTION: A game of wit, wile, and speed.

What follows are the current tentative official rules for KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTION--rules that are subject to change with the mood of the game committee, the weather predictions, or the fate of the filibuster. Your best bet?   KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTION.  But in case the rules of the game dictate your learning style, here they are . . . For now!


Teams will be formed of three individuals each. At the beginning of the game, each team will

roll a die.  The team with the highest rolls goes first, the others in order according to their rolls. 

Judges have authority to determine which team answers, whether answers are correct, who wins which prizes, or any other matter relevant to the game.  Decisions by the judges are final, and may not be appealed.  


THE FIRST HALF --Deliberation Round

1. The first team up will choose one of the six categories of questions according to a die roll. That team will be given a question from said category and will be given 20 seconds to converse, argue, and perhaps fight over the answer. At the end of the 20 seconds, that team will be asked to give its answer. If it’s right: 10 points. If it’s wrong: -10 points.  A category may no longer be chosen when all questions in that category have been answered. 

2. If the batting team chooses not to answer the question, it may utilize one of three option cards:

A. The batting team may play their SKIP card. This card automatically sends the same question to the next team up to bat. That team is then given 15 seconds to answer the question. It may not pass the question elsewhere. 10 points for a right answer. -10 points for an incorrect answer.   

B. The batting team may play a PASS card. This card allows the batting team to send the question to any other team of its choosing. That team is given 15 seconds to answer the question. It may not pass the question elsewhere. 10 points for a right answer. -10 points for an incorrect answer.   

C. The batting team may play a TAKE TWO card. This card allows the batting team to take the next question instead.  It must answer this question.    

3. Each one of a team's three option cards (SKIP, PLAY, TAKE TWO), may be played only once.

4. If the batting team answers the question incorrectly, the question is then ‘up for grabs.’ The next team in line is given the first chance to answer the question and down the line. If it answers the question correctly: 5 points. If it answers incorrectly: -5 points. The three option cards may not be used during this play. 

5. Play then proceeds through each team, in order, who roll for their question category.  Order or opportunity are not affected by the option card play.  After numerous rounds to be determined by the host, points will be tallied.  The top two teams will proceed to the speed round.


1. The questions will be asked from the categories, randomly selected by the host.  Team members will be given a buzzer or noisemaking device.  Upon completion of reading the question, a team member should sound their buzzer/noisemaker. The host will identify the team of the first sounder, must give an answer within three seconds. If it’s right: 15 points. If it’s incorrect (and no answer counts as incorrect): -15 points.

2. If the answer is not correct, the other team will be allowed 10 seconds to confer and give the answer. If the team answers the question correctly: 10 points.  If it answers incorrectly: - 10 points.  The team may decline to answer the question without penalty.

3. Play will proceed until the questions (or the host) are exhausted. Points will be tallied and added to the first half scores and the winners will be declared.  Results should be ratified by at least of the judges.


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