On August 2, 1990, Iraqi military forces invaded Kuwait at the orders of Iraqui president Saddam Hussein. The object of the invasion was to take over Kuwait and all of it's oil fields. On January 16, 1991, a coalition created by the United Nations and composed of 36 countries went to war against the Iraq military forces. Other countries who could not send in troops pledged fifty three billion dollars to finance the coalition. The coalition's goal was to expel all Iraqis from Kuwait and restore Kuwait's independence. The Iraqi army had much experience in warfare but it was the wrong kind of experience. They were used to a positional war while the war waged was highly mobile with the use of tanks and aircraft. This was a great disadvantage to the Iraqi forces and on February 28, 1991, the coalition celebrated victory over the Iraqi army. After the war, President Bush stated the United States would increase efforts for peace in the Middle East. The Gulf War also increased Arab readiness for peace talks and helped the Middle East obtain a new opportunity for stability in the region.