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Twentieth Century

Study Questions for Exam Two

Remember:  in your exams you will be asked to write a clear, legible essay, using complete sentences and paragraphs.  You should plan your essay in advance.  You should use specific details in your essay, such as proper names, dates and terminology. 


  1. Discuss the broad changes in societies of the Interwar years. What new developments in science and technology continued to transform attitudes? How did economic crises and the results of World War I affect governments and their political control? What new cultural attitudes reflected changes in social structures around the world?  
  2. Discuss the Russian Revolution and its further development under Stalin. How did the Russian Revolution begin? How did the Bolshevists succeed in seizing power? How did Stalin transform the Revolution to suit his interests? 
  3. Discuss the weakening of European Colonial Imperialism between the wars.  How did the League of Nations contribute to colonialism? What countries freed themselves from imperialist rule in the Middle East? How did the British Empire try to change with the times? What were the problems and solutions proposed to imperialism in China and India? 
  4. Discuss the ideas and methods behind the rise of Fascism in the world between the world Wars. What were the basic core beliefs and practices of Fascism? How did fascists come to power in particular countries? How did fascist policies try to transform global politics and society? 
  5. Discuss the underlying causes for World War Two. What were the long term problems that continued after World War I? What was the role of the democratic powers in Europe and America? What were the Japanese interests? What steps did Hitler take toward provoking war? 
  6. Describe the conduct of World War II. How did the Axis powers succeed in the early years of the war? What were some of the consequences of the war for civilian populations? How did the Allied powers defeat the Axis? What problems did World War II leave as it ended?


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