The mission of the King’s College Graduate Program in Health Care Administration is to provide students with the professional knowledge and the skills necessary to be effective and socially responsible leaders in the health services industry.  The program seeks to develop in its students an essential understanding of the healthcare delivery systems and services, the factors that influence the healthcare environment, the appropriate healthcare management and research methods practiced, and the professional competencies that are pertinent in today’s healthcare environment. 

Rooted in the Catholic tradition of the Congregation of the Holy Cross the program provides a student-centered learning environment with faculty committed to excellent teaching.  Faculty actively engages in scholarly research, ongoing professional development and community service to support and strengthen their primary role of teaching.  The program also seeks to develop partnerships with other college programs, program alumni and the healthcare industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania that offer resources that support and compliment the educational mission of the program.

The primary competencies derived from this mission includes: 

Health Care Leadership
Leadership is a critical competency in today’s marketplace. It is a complex concept comprised of numerous other competencies. The most effective way to develop and assess leadership is to identify the significant competencies relevant to leadership. From there, those competencies can be developed and assessed. If graduates are proficient in these competencies, then the overall result will be effective health care leadership.

Significant competencies required for effective health care leadership:

  • Communication and relationship management
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledgeable of health care environment
  • Business skills and knowledge


 The Advisory Council of the Graduate Program in Health Care Administration Program recently met to create a mentorship program involving Advisory Board members and students from the program.


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