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B. Department Chairperson(s)/Administrator

Dr. Robert Paoletti Mr. Paul Moran
Dr. Frederick Sauls Dr. Anthony Berard
Dr. Margarita Rose Dr. Joan Coffin
Dr. Keith Dils Dr. Frances Feudale
Dr. Brian Mangan Dr. Gregory Bassham
Dr. Margaret Corgan Dr. Brian Bower
Dr. Bernard Healey Bro. James Miller, C.S.C.
Dr. Brian Pavlac Rev. Thomas Looney, C.S.C.
Dr. Terry Mech Rev. Richard Hockman, C.S.C.

C. Vice President for Business Affairs or Accounting Manager:
Lisa Marie McCauley
Bob Thomas

Kim Materna

D. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty:
Nicholas Holodick
Teresa Peck


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