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Faculty governance at King's College is done through various institutions as established by a constitution.  From the constitution: 
"They shall serve as the agencies of the Faculty in submitting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the President, and the Board their decision on policies regarding academic, professional, and curricular matters. The Faculty Meeting shall, through its committees and organizations of the Faculty (e.g., Faculty Council, advisory boards, committees, etc.), and in cooperation with appropriate administrative offices, assist in the implementation of policy decisions. Faculty Governance operates with approval of the Board of Directors, which has final authority over all its decisions.  On any issue that directly involves another constituency of the college (e.g. students, staff, administration), the faculty through its governance and committees shall make every effort to invite and consult representatives of those constituencies during its deliberative processes."

Since reorganization of the college shortly after 2001, efforts have been undertaken to reform faculty governance. Click here for more information.  In February 2007, a constitution proposed by the Academic and Professional Affairs Committee, voted on by the Faculty in February 2005, amended and approved by Faculty Council in January 2007, and approved by the board of directors went into effect.   Click here for the King's College Faculty Constitution. 

Links to other higher educational institutions and organizations:

We recommend that everyone read the faculty governance policy promoted by the AAUP, available URL: <http://www.aaup.org/statements/Redbook/Govern.htm>.  
From the AAUP's publication ACADEME, see also Joan Wallach Scott, "The Critical State of Shared Governance," Larry G. Gerber, "'Inextricably Linked': Shared Governance and Academic Freedom,"  William G. Tierney, "Why Committees Don't Work: Creating a Structure for Change," and David A. Hollinger, "Faculty Governance, The University of California, and the Future of Academe."

American Association for Higher Education: URL: <http://www.aahe.org/>

American Association of Colleges and Universities: URL: <http://www.aacu.org>;  From AAC&U's publication peerReview, Academic Governance: Charting a New Course, Volume 3, Number 3, Spring 2001, see Patrica J. Gumport, "Divided We Govern?."

American Association of  State Colleges and Universities: URL: <http://www.aascu.org/>

American Council on Education: URL: <http://www.acenet.edu/>

Chronicle of Higher Education: URL: <http://chronicle.com/>

The Faculty Governance Association: URL: <http://sygov.swadm.alaska.edu/WSAFG/wsafg.html>; Faculty Governance pages listed by state: URL: <http://sygov.swadm.alaska.edu/WSAFG/State_organizations.html>

Society for College and University Planning: URL: <http://www.scup.org/>

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