Message from Chair

The English Department aims to engage its students in the study of literature, language, and media integrated with the practices of communicating and writing. Such study is both a creative and useful art, important for personal development and necessary for every profession.

The Department will teach works of the literary canon as well as newly recognized works of diverse written and oral expression. We hope to share the love of language and literature with our students.
We will guide their understanding of human experience and values, encouraging their initiative and responsibility regarding the traditions of literary and linguistic criticism; the genres of literature, media, and writing; and historical and multicultural contexts. Having such resources of intelligence and wit, they will be prepared to communicate thoughtfully and effectively about a range of subjects, and will understand the power and limitations of various media. They should develop the competence to make their way in the new "knowledge society."

English graduates from King's College are now practicing law; working for advertising firms, publishing companies, newspapers, local, state and federal government; and ministering to people as religious leaders. Others are teaching and serving as administrators at all educational levels. Many others hold positions of responsibility and leadership in business, industry, and the health field. For more information on career opportunities, including internships during undergraduate study, consult the Chairperson.

Except for the Senior Seminars (ENGL 491 and 492), Independent Research (ENGL 496) and Teaching Writing: Theory and Practice (ENGL 328), English courses are ordinarily open to all qualified students regardless of their major. ENGL 241 (Advanced Writing) is a prerequisite for all advanced writing courses, and ENGL 200 (Foundations Seminar) is required for all majors.

Students majoring in English have considerable flexibility in choosing a program. Courses should be selected, however, in consultation with a departmental advisor in the light of the individual student's interest and career goals. The English major encourages cross-disciplinary study. Depending on their interests, time and career plans, students majoring in English are able to pursue a second major or minor in other fields of study.