Core 110: Final Portfolio

This course requires that you submit a final portfolio of your writing that I will use to determine your final grade.  The due date is indicated on the syllabus.  Please prepare your portfolio in the following manner:

  1.      Include all the papers you have written for this course and arrange them in chronological order (narration, comparison/contrast, illustration, cause and effect, persuasion).  You must include both your first draft with my comments and the final draft with my comments.  You may include as many in between drafts as you would like.  Make sure you carefully organize each set of drafts and paperclip each type of paper separately.

  2.      For each assignment, place the final draft on top of earlier drafts.

  3.      Use your final process paper as a cover sheet, but only provide the final draft of this paper.

  4.      Place your essays in a simple folder or a large envelope with your name on top.


Portfolios will be available for pick-up outside my office door (date and time to be announced).  I will keep any portfolios that are not picked up by the end of finals week through the first month of the following semester only.  After that, I will get rid of your work, so be sure to pick it up as soon as possible.