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Core 110: Effective Writing

Mid-Semester Evaluation

  Assignment:  Write a letter that is addressed to me in which you deal with one or more of the following questions.

Questions:  What did you expect to learn in this class?  What have you learned thus far?  What would you like to learn in the second half of the semester?  Has your process of writing changed over the course of the semester?  How?  What do I need to know about you as a writer?

Guidelines:  As in all your writing, I expect you to use concrete, specific details.  Answer as many questions as you like, but answer them completely.  Your response must be one single-spaced, typed page.  The goal is to begin analyzing your progress this semester and to provide us with some direction when we meet for a mid-semester conference.  Do not worry about using proper business letter format since this is not a business letter.