Core 110

Dr. Lloyd

Essay 4: Argumentation

In your fourth essay for the class, you will write an argumentative paper based on the trial we will carry out during class the week of November 12.  As members of the prosecution, defense team, or jury, you will put together a case, argue points, call witnesses, or hear a case.  From the evidence you collect and hear, you will construct an argumentative thesis, include valid source material (journal articles, newspapers, books) and prove your point in a three to four page paper. Be sure to defend and support your point, making sure to refute objections.

Please note that you must use research for this paper.  By preparing for the trial you will already have a wealth of sources to use.  Read what others have to say about your subject and integrate their comments into you argument.  Be sure to use at least two sources in your essay.  Please use MLA format for documentation.  This means that you will use parenthetical citations in the text of your essay with a Works Cited page at the end.  See the library’s MLA Guide for more details. 

Due Dates: 

    Monday, Nov. 19 - First Draft Due

    Monday, Nov. 26 - Second Draft DuePlease Submit Copies for class discussion.

    Friday, Nov. 30 – Wednesday, Dec. 5 - Conferences

    Friday, Dec. 7 - Final Draft DueIn a folder, please submit ALL Four  Papers and their drafts.  You will be submitting your portfolio for the semester.