Core 110

Dr. Lloyd

Essay 3: Analysis


1.   “People who like rap music are hoods and lowlife.” “The blue hairs can’t drive; their licenses should be revoked.”  “You know what women with short hair are."  No one should take offense when the fans of the Atlanta Braves do the Tomahawk chop. People who do are crazy.”  “Of course she aced the math test, she’s Asian.”

      Even though racism, hatred and violence still exist in our world, our generation recognizes diversity more than any other generations.  We’re used to living among different people.

     Read the comments above and write about your own views on diversity.  Is your generation more accepting of diversity?  What evidence can you find to support your views?   

2.  Cellular phones, the Internet, email, on-line shopping, e-business, debit cards, cash machines, automated grocery stores – all of these improvements to life may be leading us away from human interaction. Is having little contact with people a positive aspect of the 21st century? As society grows more and more high tech, what will happen to human relationships?  Will we be able to talk to one another anymore? 

3.  “A student in my class today was spitting tobacco juice in a soda bottle,” Golden said staring at Watkins. “Spitting in a bottle! I wasn’t imagining it. I can’t take much more.  I mean they sit there with their baseball caps pulled down over their eyes, their feet up on the chair in front of them, looking smug and disinterested as if they’re daring me to teach them something.  They’re all so apathetic and bored, with their ‘done there, been that’ attitude.  I had a student in class this morning with those headphones on, that watchamacallit, the Sony Man, sitting there – while I’m talking – with headphones on!  The nerve! They make no effort to stifle their yawning; I can see their dental work half the time. They wear their pants so I can see their underwear.  Some of them sleep in class.  They’re taking $20,000 naps, for Christ’s sake! What’s wrong with these kids?!” Professor Golden from Parallel Lives  despairs about the students of today.  Are his views correct?  Do students behave as Golden has described them?  Why? What do you think?  Although we hear lamenting by parents and educators, are students really unconcerned about and disinterested in their own educations?   React to Golden’s remarks using your views and those of others.  

4.   Police used stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas on Arizona fans who set fire to at least three overturned vehicles and tore down street signs.  They were reacting to their loss in the NCAA basketball tournament against Duke. “Police did not do enough to stop drunken, marauding fans who set large bonfires and broke into campus following Maryland’s loss to Duke in the Final Four,” exclaimed the town's mayor. In an incident closer to home, several thousand people jammed the streets after Penn State’s loss in the NCAA Tournament, hurling firecrackers, tossing bottles from balconies and trying to topple lampposts. Twenty people were arrested.  Is this March Madness or March Mayhem?  Why break out violently when a team loses a game?  Are these reactions basketball’s problem? Do football fans react in the same way? What’s the cause?  Immaturity?  Substance abuse (drugs, alcohol)?  What should be done? What are your opinions?

As with any essay, yours should include an attention-grabbing introduction, an organized body, and a strong conclusion. 

Due Dates

    Friday, October 19 - First Draft Due

    Monday, October 22 - Conferences (You will receive your first draft        during the conference.

    Friday, October 26 - Responding Session. Bring typed copies of your Second Draft to class.

    Wednesday, October 31 - Final Draft DuePlease submit all drafts.