Core 110

Dr. Lloyd

Essay 1: Narrative Essay


For your first essay you are to explore the construction of your own identity.  In Parallel Lives, Professor Watkins’ first assignment asks, “Who are you?”  I don't want you to answer professor Watkins' question but to address the question, "How did you become who you are?"   Consider how you identify yourself, how experiences and environment affected your identity, and how the expectations of others affect you.  You might also consider larger social expectations – does society at large pressure you to act a certain way or become a certain type of person?  How?  Why?  How has your gender, race or ethnicity become a part of this equation?  Who are your heroes?  Why?  Is your identity fairly static and unchanging?  Do you think that you can more legitimately talk about your identities rather than your identity?  You might approach this assignment by selecting an event that was self-defining and describing why it shaped you into who you are.  If you have access to a copy of Parallel Lives, you might choose one of the following questions to explore as you shape your essay. Remember that as your invention writing grows into a draft of a paper, you should have a clear and thoughtful thesis and a clear focus. 


Ideas from Parallel Lives,

Ideas from The Craft of Composition,


By Monday, February 5, your paper should be three to four typed, double-spaced pages and ready to hand in.

Due Dates

    Wednesday, September 5         First Draft Due

    Wednesday, September 12       Second Draft Due

        Submit typed copies of your draft.

    Wednesday, September 12-Friday, September 14      Conferences

    Monday, September 17            Final Draft Due

        Please submit all drafts.