Grading Pyramid

The essay gives imaginative treatment to a significant and striking central idea. The plan of the essay evidences a strategy for persuasion. Generalizations are carefully supported. Details show originality, freshness and concreteness.  Sentences show variety of pattern and are rhetorically effective. Style is authentic and demonstrates that ideas have been carefully analyzed.

The essay’s central idea is interesting significant. The organization of the essay demonstrates careful planning. Details are specific and sharp; there is a concern for showing rather than just telling.  Sentences show variety of purpose and pattern.  Diction is chosen with clear awareness of audience and purpose.

The essay has a clear central idea.  The plan of the essay is clear with an identifiable introduction and conclusion.  Generalizations are supported by details.  Paragraphs are unified and coherent.  Transitions are clear.  Sentences make sense and conform to conventional patterns.  Subjects and verbs agree. Pronouns agree with antecedents.  Verb tenses are consistent.  Punctuation is conventional.  Words are spelled correctly.

Central idea is weak or confused.  Organization is poor.  Paragraphs lack unity and coherence.  Generalizations are unsupported by evidence.  Sentence structure is confused.  Errors in usage, grammar, spelling, or punctuation are frequent or serious.