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   The need for skilled computer professionals will continue for the indefinite future. At King's the computer science program offer a degree in computer science through the technology division. The computer field is changing at a very rapid rate, and computer professionals must continue to develop new skills to keep pace. At King's, we try to develop students who have learned how to learn on their own and are prepared to meet future challenges.

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

      Computer science is based on a solid foundation of mathematics. Students take three math courses in the major. First-year computer science majors learn to program in the Java language while developing math skills in calculus, discrete math, and mathematical logic. As students move to upper level courses, they learn other languages including C++ and Visual Basic, the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms, and explore the diverse subfields of computer science such as computer graphics, networks, web programming, operating systems, programming languages, modeling and simulation, and artificial intelligence. Most juniors participate in an internship which
enables them to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Some of the local companies which participants include Guard Insurance, Phillip Morris (Nabisco) and Blue Cross. All students complete their major with a group project in software engineering. The computer science program at King’s emphasizes computer graphics, computer graphics lab featuring scanners, color printers, digital imaging devices, video editing, and other hardware and a variety of software for image creation and animation.

      King’s has graduated over 80 students in the past few years; about 20% of them are women.
      Computer professionals include:

  • Information technology specialists who set up and run computer and network systems.
  • Computer and information systems analysts who manage databases and organize information.
  • Computer scientists who develop algorithms to solve the problems involved in networking and write the programs to implement
  • Computer engineers who develop the hardware which is required to run the systems.

    Computer scientists are problem solvers who apply their skills in analyzing problems in real situations and developing solutions by programming the computer.
     Areas in which computer scientists work include:
        Financial Planning.
        Data warehousing and mining
        Encryption and security
        Artificial intelligence
        Expert systems
        Modeling and simulation
        Scientific visualization
        Medical diagnosis and treatment
        Computer graphics
        Computer-assisted design
        Computer education.


     While some students have gone directly to graduate schools such as the University of Georgia, Michigan State, Rensselaer Polytech, and Binghamton University, most graduates seek employment upon graduation. Many students attend graduate school part time with the support of their employers. Some of the companies that employ King’s graduates include Prudential Asset Management, Keane Inc., EDS, Sanchez Computer Associates, Phillip Morris, and Hughes Defense Industries.


    English, business administration, education, mathematics,
and psychology.

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