Department Members

All phone numbers begin with (570) 208-5900

Instructor Picture Extension Title/Specialty Email
Dr. Brian Williams

Professor of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Dr. Julie Belanger 5627 Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Nanobiology and Polymer Chemistry

Dr. Yang Liu


Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Frank Smith


Associate Professor of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Dr. Trent Snider 5312

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Physical Chemistry
Dr. Ronald Supkowski   5733

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry
Dr. Anne Szklarski 5737

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Dr. Isaac VonRue 5401

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry
Dr. Kristi Concannon 5390

Associate Professor of Physics

Observational Astronomy
Dr. Gerardo Giordano 5260 Assistant Professor of Physics
Particle Physics

Staff, Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty

Mrs. Karen Vavrek 5730

Laboratory Director
Dr. Birute Williams   5690

Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Sharon Fredericks   5268 Part-Time Faculty
Dr. William Shergalis   5265 Part-Time Faculty
Ms. Katelynn Knick   5262 Part-Time Faculty
Dr. Thomas Concannon   3338

Part-Time Faculty