Pictures of Technology for Teaching Day
Monday, May 12, 2003
Hafey-Marian, 6th Floor







10-10:45 VideoConferencing Multimedia Classroom Graphic Design WebCT -
11-11:45 Interactive Technologies - Using Digital Images - Multimedia/Video Editing and Transfer
12-12:45 - - - Question and Answer Session, with IITS Staff -
1-1:45 - Quick and Easy WebPages Intro to Powerpoint Smartboard -
2-2:45 Impatica/Learnlinc WebAdvisor   Computer Technologies Available for the Faculty  


Computer Technologies Available for the Faculty
Paul Moran and Rick Gasper

Graphic Design
Ann Joyce

Bernie Healey, Bill Keating, Melody Priebe

Interactive Technologies
Keith Dils

Intro to Powerpoint
Brian Bower

Multimedia/Video Editing and Transfer
Andy Ewonishon, Sam Falbo

Question and Answer Session with IITS Staff

Quick and Easy WebPages
Bill Keating

Teaching with the Smartboard
Sam Falbo, Melody Priebe

Using  Digital Images
Jayne Moore

Using Multimedia Equipment in King’s Classroom
Sam Falbo, Andy Ewonishon

VideoConferencing at King’s
Bill Keating, Jim Dolhon

Dan Cebrick 

WebCT…What is it?”
Melody Priebe

Our inquisitive learners


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