Dr. Farmer's twelve requirements about planning for excellence in learning and teaching:

  1. "Planning for excellence requires congruence between student goals and those of the institution."
  2. "Planning for excellence requires that academic preparation for students or the lack of it, be honestly assessed and reflected in the design of the freshman curriculum." 
  3. "Planning for excellence requires the creation of a learning environment which encourages students to be committed to learning with the desire to become active, independent learners."
  4. "Planning for excellence requires that faculty not only keep up in their discipline, but actively relate their specialized knowledge to general knowledge outside their discipline." 
  5. "Planning for excellence requires that faculty demonstrate commitment to the spirit of liberal education by an openness of mind."
  6. "Planning for excellence requires that faculty be familiar with current theories of learning and utilize this knowledge in the instructional design of their courses." 
  7. "Planning for excellence requires that the curriculum result from an integrated academic plan and not just be a collection of courses." 
  8. "Planning for excellence requires that the effectiveness of the curriculum be regularly evaluated by assessing student learning outcomes according to previously established standards."
  9. "Planning for excellence requires that improving the quality of life on campus be a conscious institutional goal resulting from a genuine concern for others."
  10. "Planning for excellence requires that a college demonstrate a capacity for change relative to the needs of students and society."
  11. "Planning for excellence requires that colleges protect the quality of institutional resources available be responding to the priority resource needs of students, faculty and staff."
  12. "Planning for excellence requires that a college have the determination to constantly strive to do better, based upon a desire to go beyond what has been achieved."

D. W. Farmer, Enhancing Student Learning: Emphasizing Essential Competencies in Academic Programs (A Change Agentís Perspective on Implementing an Outcomes-Oriented Curriculum and Course-Embedded Assessment Model at Kingís College); Copyright © 1988 by Kingís College; All Rights Reserved.

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