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The Sophomore/Junior Diagnostic Project

The Sophomore/Junior Diagnostic Project, the third major component of the assessment program, King�s College faculty regard with special pride and enthusiasm. The project is also one that faculties from other institutions find most interesting and promising for adaptation at their schools.

Each department or program designs a screening exercise, conducted within a required sophomore or junior course for the major, to determine the student�s ability to transfer critical thinking and effective communication (writing and speaking) to a project related to the major field of study. Faculty interact with students throughout the project and share results with them. If the student exhibits weaknesses in the skill areas noted above, he or she is referred to the Academic Skills Center for assistance, say, a tutor or to the Writing Center. The assessment also reveals the student�s likelihood of success in the major; if that likelihood is low, the student may be referred for the selection of another major to Academic Advisement and/or Career Planning and Placement.

The samples linked below exemplify projects that students find engaging, that immerse them in the kind of real work professionals in the discipline actually do, and that imaginatively reflect the special qualities of the discipline.

The syllabus of the English Foundations course required for their majors.
The syllabus from the Research and Methodology course required of all majors.  
Human Resources Management
Brief Comment about the linked sample.
Mass Communications
Brief Comment about the linked sample.

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