Handbook on Excellence in Learning and Pedagogy

Competency Growth Plans

Competency Growth Plans for the eight transferable skills of liberal learning comprise the second major component of the Comprehensive Assessment Program. 

Critical Thinking Effective Writing
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Effective Oral Communication
Quantitative Reasoning Technology
Information Literacy Moral Reasoning

For each of these skills, each department or program defines the skill within the context of the major and then divides the skill into specific competencies students develop from freshman through senior years in both Core and major courses. Individuals or teams of faculty within a department originally designed these plans which the entire department then reviewed and adopted. Each plan includes a definition of the competency, a listing of courses and assignments (�strategies�) designed to help students develop the competency, and specific criteria faculty and students use to gauge the quality of the student�s performance. 

When read sequentially, the criteria from freshman to senior year reveal the developmental nature inherent in acquiring and promoting a skill. Faculty have found the plans very useful for tracking the transfer of liberal learning skills within the context of the major curriculum; many have remarked as well on how the plans can help departments think more carefully about curricular patterns and sequence. Students see these plans only in a kind of translation when objectives and criteria appear in their syllabi and instructions for assignments within courses. 

Samples of plans in a selection of majors follow:   

Brief Comment about the linked sample.
Information Literacy
Brief Comment about the linked sample.
Political Science
Brief Comment about the linked sample.

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