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Sample Written Guidelines for an Assignment in CORE 132 Global History since 1914:

E. Written Assignment #1: LEADERS OF THE CENTURY
You are to write a four-to-six page essay which presents the life of an important person who changed history in the twentieth century. (10+10+50 pts.)

Final product Due Wednesday, February 20

Biography remains a popular and useful way to understand history. People�s lives, especially those who play a major role in change, illustrate the possibilities and constraints which affect humanity. You will manage information, evaluate different historical opinions, analyze arguments, organize your thoughts and present them in a clear written form in order to better understand an historical process. 

1. Choose any important leader you wish from fields such as science, politics, economics, social change, culture or religion (no sports or entertainment figures!) who who lived the important part of their life in the 20th Century, but is now deceased. 
You will submit your choice on Friday, January 25 (no credit). The instructor may ask you to choose another topic.

2. Carefully research the person. Note how the person changed history.

3. Refer to at least three printed scholarly, biographical, detailed works (namely, not electronic from the internet or CD-ROM and not tertiary such as the textbook, handbooks or encyclopedias). These should be history books and/or journal articles written by professional historians and which closely examine the person. If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your professional sources, please see the instructor early. 

4. You must turn in to the instructor pre-bibliography of your sources, in proper format, with a photocopy of each title page for each printed source on Monday, February 4 (10 pts.).

5. Write a careful essay whose thesis argues how the person changed history. The quality and use of your research from historical books will substantially influence the evaluation of your essay -- be sure to use them in the body of your paper. The instructor is largely interested in the historical role of the person, so childhood and personal life material is probably less relevant to your paper than adult activities and achievements. Be sure to place the person in historical context, explaining how things used to be before the changes brought about by this person, challenges faced by this person, and how this person�s life can still affect us today. 
You must turn in to the instructor a thesis sentence with an outline of your key points on Wednesday, February 13 (10 pts.).

6. Rest, review, and revise repeatedly. You might use the Writing Center. Then write a final draft to be turned in on Wednesday, February 20 (50 pts.).

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