By laws of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) is a structure of King�s College for the purpose of stimulating educational and curricular innovation by the faculty, promoting discussion and sharing of experiences and methods, coordinating diverse programs of the College related to teaching and learning, and serving as a resource for faculty to become more effective teachers. 

I. The Director of CELT
is a full-time member of the faculty at the rank of associate professor or above, selected by the Advisory Board and appointed by the President of the college. Appropriate compensation, normally a two-course reduction in the normal four-course teaching load, shall be provided to the director. The administration shall also provide a budget with sufficient funds to help carry out faculty development. 

II. Duties of the Director:

a. chairs the Advisory Board; calls its meetings; forms and may chair specific sub-committees of the Advisory Board to address particular issues and initiatives
b. organizes activities such as lecture series, workshops, presentations, conferences
c. administers the Faculty Mentor Program
d. sits, as requested, on other Project Teams that relate to educational activities, such as Moral Development or Community Based Learning
e. serves as a resource person for advice to the administration on curricular, pedagogical, and development issues; assists in the New Faculty Orientation Program
f. promotes the improvement of the Comprehensive Assessment Program
g. cooperates with instructional design and technology staff (including WebCT and Distance Learning)
h. consults with faculty, individually and collectively, on constructing effective classroom environments or grant initiatives
i. publishes and advertises for the center
j. administers the CELT budget;. coordinates and distributes fees for professional services and grants for faculty development from CELT funds
k. uses CELT as a clearinghouse for information and resources on teaching
l. supervises the maintenance of CELT�s physical space, equipment, and written resources
m. reports and responds to the Faculty Meeting

III. The Advisory Board
is composed of voluntary members of the College faculty or staff who wish to offer their services, whether on their own initiative, or responding to an invitation by the Director of CELT and/or the administration. They are accepted on the board by a simple majority of those members present and voting at the meeting where their membership is voted upon. They may serve on the Advisory Board until their resignation or a 2/3 majority vote of those present and voting at an Advisory Board meeting determines that they have not been participating in CELT activities. 

IV. Duties of members of the Advisory Board:

a. participate in any meetings the Advisory Board called by the Director of CELT and activities and events sponsored by the center 
b. advise and assist the Director , especially on specific decisions about spending certain budgetary funds or granting awards and finding volunteers for initiatives to help the faculty
c. report back to their Division on CELT activities
d. vote to elect new members or terminate membership on the Advisory Board
e. help the faculty, especially in their division and departments, in improving teaching and learning
f. select the Director of CELT

V. Rules of the Advisory Board Meetings: 
While meetings may operate informally (or even electronically), the Director, or any member upon request may invoke formal parliamentary procedure, such as Robert�s Rules of Order. There is no quorum. It is the duty of the Director to call meetings, including arranging time and place, and delegate tasks to the members. 

VI. Selection of a Director of CELT: 

A Director serves a three year term. In January of the final semester of a Director�s term he/she may request another term. The Advisory Board shall meet without the Director present, thoroughly discuss the matter, then vote whether to support another term for the Director or not. A simple majority of those present and voting shall be sufficient for the Advisory Board to reappoint the Director. The Director shall simply be informed of a positive or negative vote, without numbers or names. If positive, the Director shall notify the administration of the Advisory Board�s support. 
If the Advisory Board votes not to renew the Director�s term, the Director does not seek another term, or if the position becomes vacant for whatever reason, CELT will conduct a search for a new Director. The outgoing Director will coordinate the process, except if there is no Director, or he/she is unwilling, then the Advisory Board will elect one of its members as temporary Chair. The Director/Chair will solicit from the faculty nominations for Director of CELT in the first week of February. Any interested, qualified person should send in a brief note indicating application for the position and a curriculum vitae. The Advisory Board will discuss all applications, without any of the nominees present, then vote until a simple majority of those present and voting agrees on a candidate. The Director/Chair will then submit the name of the winner to the administration. 

Adopted by the Advisory Board 18 April 2005

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