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Civilization: Historical Perspectives


Master syllabi:  CORE 131 Western Civilization to 1914; CORE 133 World Civilizations since 1453

Assessment Plan

Rubric for Assignments in the Civilizations CART

As listed in the King's College Catalog 2014-2015, the goals of the Core Curriculum at King's are as follows:

All of these goals are developed through a series of Core courses in several categories. The civilizations CART contributes most to "a critical understanding of history, civilization, art, and literature," but also to nearly all of the other goals on the list.



Within our own CART, we have identified the following Goal: 

The Civilizations category of the Core develops critical thinking skills in an historical context, helps students reflect on their own heritage, and constructs the cultural knowledge that unites many other areas of the Core.

The CART has determined the following outcomes in support of this CART's goal:

Student Learning Outcomes

These recently revised Goal and Outcomes are to be placed on syllabi as of Spring Semester 2015.

Specific assignments assessing these outcomes are to be carried out every semester according the Assessment Plan constructed by the CART.

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