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Studying humanity's past, its hopes and frustrations, failures and triumphs, helps us both to understand our complex world and to take responsibility for shaping its future. Vital to the education of professional men and women of the 21st century, historical literacy and methodology improve our ability to judge and decide both private and public issues in a context of respect for our own and other peoples' traditions.  Only through a critical examination of human experience can we hope to avoid repeating mistakes and to build on successes, or assign meaning to our condition. These courses will develop critical thinking skills in an historical context, help students reflect on their own historical heritage, and build the cultural knowledge that unites many other areas of the Core.

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CORE 131 Western Civilization to 1914 (click here for master syllabus)
To increase the student's appreciation for and understanding of the main stages of Western Civilization from the foundations of human history to the West's domination of the globe at the beginning of the First World War. Students will examine major issues, including gender and class, war, classical antiquity, Christianity, feudal society, capitalism, the Reformation, democratic institutions, the international state system, nationalism, and imperialism.


Prof. Pavlac

Prof. Mares


CORE 133 World Civilizations 1453 to the Present (click here for master syllabus)
To increase the student's appreciation for and understanding of the contact between cultures and civilizations, since the 15th century, when the world became knitted together through trade and conquest as never before. This class traces the development of this interconnectivity between and among cultures and civilizations to the present in order to better understand the history and meaning of globalization, its horrors and triumphs, perils and possibilities.


Prof. Scarboro


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