171 Theatre

Students enrolled in courses under this category will be introduced to the various aspects of theater arts and will be provided with the tools for critical evaluation of various entertainment and amusement media.  Students will develop an appreciation for this most collaborative of art forms through various production and performance courses.

172 Dance

Students enrolled in courses in the art of dance will be introduced through lecture and demonstration to beginning-level dance performance.  Courses are designed to explore the proper technique appropriate for various periods and styles of dance, such as movement, jazz, modern, and tap, and will deal with style, retention of steps, body line, how to count and other basic dance necessities.

174 Music History/Theory

Students enrolled in courses under this category will learn how Western and Global music developed throughout the centuries.  Students will learn the theory behind music composition. This will include note reading, rhythms, chord progressions, and four part writing among other topics, as well as analyzing musical compositions.  Students will also learn about the various historical time periods of music, how music differs from period to period, and the way it is used in societies and cultures.  Ability to read music is not a prerequisite.

175 Music Performance 

Students enrolled in courses in this category will strive to improve their skills in music performance.  Students may study guitar, piano, or voice either on an individual basis or in small classes.  Students will be able to begin playing an instrument or continue learning an instrument throughout the semester. Each student will be required to perform in a recital during the semester of study.  

176 Art Appreciation/History

Introductory courses focusing on a particular period in history and understanding how the art being produced during the time period reflects cultural, historical, political, religious, and social trends, how different art forms relate to and draw upon one another, and how to analyze various works of art.  Courses will also introduce the student to many of the diverse aspects of art such as its components, media and techniques, and content, as well as its history.

177 Artistic Creation/Visual Arts       

Introductory courses concerned with fundamentals such as: composition, observation, drawing from life, basic color theory, photography, and basic techniques. Through the practical experience, students learn to see and think as an artist thinks, to appreciate artistic creations and everyday objects as "things designed by artists", and most importantly, to think divergently. 

178 Creative Writing  

Introductory courses focusing on various genres, including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and/or drama.  Course work will focus on defining good writing and encouraging a process approach through multiple drafts of work and participation in group editing sessions.

179 Film Studies   

Through study of selected film and/or film genres, courses will introduce some major concepts in film studies and film language (editing, cinematography, sound, special effects, etc.) Courses will culminate in an understanding of the many ways films produce meaning through critical interpretations and deep analysis.  Courses will provide students with a vocabulary and a grammar of film that will enable them to read what the actors, writers, designers, directors, and producers are saying.