The Core approved by Faculty Council, 27 April, 2007

(with a proviso concerning the 4 Social Science categories)


Part I:    The Transferable Skills of Liberal Learning   (4 courses, 12 credits)


            Core 1xx: First Year Seminar (replaces Core 100: Critical Thinking)

            Core 110: Effective Writing (possible name change)

            Oral Communication: (choose one course)

                        Core 115: Effective Oral Communication (with revised objectives and goals)

                        or Core 116: Argumentation and Debate

            Core 120: Quantitative Reasoning (possible name change)



Part II:   Knowledge, Traditional Disciplines and Interdisciplinary Perspectives   (9 courses, 27 credits)


Civilizations: Historical Perspectives (choose one course)

            Core 131:  Western Civilization

            Core 13x:  World Civilizations


Contemporary Global Studies (choose one course) 

            Core 132:  Global History since 1914

            Core xxx:  Introduction to International Business

            Other appropriate courses offered by Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, and other departments may be added.   such as:


Foreign Languages and Cultures (choose one course)

            Core 140: Foreign Cultures (generic title, currently African, Islamic, Japanese, Latin American, & Russian Cultures are offered)

            Core 141-146: Foreign language courses

                    Core 141-142: Language for Communication I-II (currently French, German, Latin & Spanish are offered)

                    Core 143-144: Language for Communication III-IV (currently French, German & Spanish are offered)

                    Core 145-146: Conversation and Composition I-II (currently French & Spanish are offered)


Social Science (choose one course) 

            Core 150: Interdisciplinary social science course Focus on topical issues (revised thematic version of current Core 150 )

            Core 15x: Interdisciplinary social science course Focus on the individual in society (version of a course proposed as The Person in Society: Psychological Perspectives)



American Studies (choose one course)

            Core 130:  American History

            Core 151:  American Government

            Core 152:  Contemporary American Social Issues

            Core 155:  Women in American Society

            Core 156:  Aging and American Society 

            Core 16x:  American Literature

            Core 15x: The American Economy

            Additional courses from other disciplines may be added.


            Note:  The Curriculum and Teaching committee voted unanimously on Feb. 2nd, 2007, that Macroeconomics would satisfy the requirements for this category. 


Literature (choose one course)

            Core 162: Foreign Literature in English (generic title)

            Core 163: Historical Perspectives in Literature (generic title)

            Core 164: Literary Modes and Themes (generic title)


The Arts (choose one course)

            Core 161:    Art Appreciation

            Core 161:    Introduction to Creative Writing

            Core 165:    Theatre Experience

            Core 166A:  Music Appreciation  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 166B: Guitar Performance  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 167:    Sculpture (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 168:    Drawing and Painting  (offered but not in current catalog)

            Core 16x:    Acting for Non-Majors    

            Core 16x:  Film


Natural Science


Natural Science I (choose one course)

            Core 270: Natural Science (revised version)


Natural Science II (choose one course)

            Core 271: Astronomy

            Core 272: Chemistry and Mankind

            Core 273: Contemporary Biology

            Core 274: Human Biology

            Core 275: Human Genetics

            Core 276: Principles of Electronics

            Core 277: Chemistry and Industry

            Core 278: Forensic Chemistry

            Core 279: Perspectives in Natural Science (generic title)


Part III:  Informed Believing and Acting (4 courses, 12 credits)




Philosophy I (choose one course)

            Core 280: Fundamentals of Philosophy


Philosophy II (choose one course)

            Core 281: Introduction to Logic

            Core 282: Philosophical Themes

            Core 283: Philosophy of Education

            Core 284: Philosophy of Human Nature

            Core 285: Eastern Philosophy (new addition to menu)

            Core 286: Ethics and the Good Life (new title)

            Core 287:  Business Ethics (new title and recent returnee to menu)

            Core 288: Bioethics

            Core 289: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Philosophy


Note:  The Curriculum and Teaching Committee voted unanimously that MSB 287 would satisfy the requirement of a second philosophy course in the Core.





Systematic Theology (choose one course)

            Core 250: Catholic Perspectives

            Core 251: The Old Testament

            Core 252: The New Testament

            Core 253: Key Biblical Themes

            Core 254: Belief and Unbelief

            Core 255: The Church

            Core 256: Science, Theology and Culture

            Core 259: Topics in Systematic Theology


Moral Theology (choose one course)

            Core 260: Christian Ethics

            Core 261: Faith, Morality and the Person

            Core 263: Christian Marriage

            Core 264: Issues in Christian Social Ethics

            Core 265: Christian Environmental Ethics

            Core 269: Topics in Moral Theology