Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee
September 14, 2007

Attendance: Brian Pavlac (Chair), Kristi Concannon (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Joe Evan, Kyle Fetterolf Hamid Hosseini, Paul Lindenmuth, Michael Little, James Wallace, Jonathan Malesic, Dr. Nicholas Holodick, V-P for Academic Affairs

Guests: Bridget Costello, Cris Scarboro, Charlie Brooks, Jess Kohlert, Greg Bassham, Laurie Ayre, Maureen Gaffney, Margarita Rose, Ed Ockerman

1. The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm in the Fitzgerald room in the Sheehy Farmer Campus Center.

2. Minutes from the September 5th meeting were accepted as amended.

3. Guests were present to discuss the issue of the Social Sciences in the new revised core.
Proposals for a resolution were submitted and presented by: Bridget Costello, Charles Brooks, and Margarita Rose.
After the presentations discussion/clarification was held.
A motion was made to use the proposal presented by Margarita Rose as a working document (with the amendment of American Studies in place of American History in #2. under “Core structure that will enable students to achieve Objectives 2, 3, and 4”.) for a compromise for social sciences in the new revised core. The motion was passed by the committee with one vote against the motion. [Linked here.]

4. Meeting adjourned at 3: 20 pm

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