Minutes of Curriculum & Teaching Committee

November 16, 2007

Present:  Brian Pavlac (Chair), Kristi Concannon (Chair-elect), Margaret Corgan, Joseph Evan, Kyle Fetterolf, Hamid Hosseini, Michael Little, Paul Lindenmuth, Jonathan Malesic, James Wallace; Dr. Nicholas Holodick, Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Guest:  Bill Irwin

1.     The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m. in Sheehy-Farmer 115.

2.     Dr. Bill Irwin, Director of the Honors Program, presented the committee with a proposal of new academic requirements for students in the Honors Program.  After some discussion, a motion to endorse these new requirements was passed unanimously. 

3.     The minutes of the committee’s meeting on November 2nd  were approved without amendment. 

4.     At the November 2nd meeting, C&T endorsed a policy for establishing new major, minor, concentration, or certificate programs.  This policy was presented to Faculty Council, who then suggested some revisions of the policy.  A motion to accept these revisions passed unanimously. 

5.     The Chair presented a document establishing guidelines for the compensation of CART Coordinators.  It was agreed that the committee would carefully review this document with the goal of developing a concrete policy for the compensation of CART Coordinators at the next C&T meeting.

6.     The Chair announced that Dr. Rish and Dr. Brooks had offered to be co-coordinators of the Social Science CART.  The committee unanimously recommended that the Vice-President for Academic Affairs appoint them to that position. 

7.     Updates were given on the activities of the Service Learning and FYE and Academic Orientation Review subcommittees.  The Service Learning subcommittee is discussing possible ways in which all King’s College students could be required to have a service learning experience.  The FYE and Academic Orientation subcommittee has held an organizational meeting to outline the issues that need most serious consideration. 

 8.     The committee discussed at length the catalog presentation and course numbering of the Core Curriculum.  A series of motions were passed that modified this information.  The motions passed were as follows:

a.  Add Core 098 Mathematical Skills and Core 099 Thinking and Writing to the proposed Core.

b.  Rescind the motion from Part a and instead list Core 098 Mathematical Skills as a prerequisite for Core 120 Mathematical Ideas and Core 099 Thinking and Writing as a prerequisite for Core 110 Effective Writing.

c.  Enter the one-credit Freshman Year Experience Seminar (FYE) into the Core as Core 090 and agree to give it a new name pending the review of that seminar.

d.  Assign the First Year Seminar (FYS) the number Core 100.

e.  List courses in the category The Arts as Core 170s.

f.  List courses in the category American Studies as Core 180s.

g.  List courses in the category Contemporary Global Studies as Core 190s.

h.  Reword the note describing the requirement that students take one and only one section of introductory interdisciplinary social science from among the categories of Social Science, American Studies, and Contemporary Global Studies to read, “Students are required to choose one, and only one, section of either CORE 150, CORE 180, or CORE 190  in the categories of Social Science, American Studies, or Contemporary Global Studies.”  Move this note to the beginning of Part II of the Core.

9.     The Chair will update the official document delineating the Core, its courses, and course numbers, and the committee will then review it at the next meeting. 

10.  There was a discussion of web presence of the Core.  By a unanimous vote, a motion passed that requires each CART to set up a web presence.  The Chair agreed to contact CART Coordinators regarding this matter.

11.  The meeting adjourned at 3:28 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted, 

Joseph Evan

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